I am not part of the “greatest generation.” But, at almost 85 years, I was there when they came home. I grew up watching them build a new America after saving the old one. And that gives me a perspective that many today do not have.

I have seen our nation change from a democratic republic, to a progressive republic, to a republican republic and now to a who knows what hodgepodge whatever, of socialism. Many of our citizens today have no knowledge of what made us great. They know nothing of our struggles because they were never taught about those struggles. In fact, some of those struggles have been destroyed in the form of statues, in order to misinform about our past. And for many people under 30 years old, it has worked.

Donald Trump caught our eye, and our attention, in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But most of us were not particularly impressed. He was a very rich man, leveraging one asset against another, becoming more wealthy with each deal — in and out of the hotel, office building and casino business. Then he moved into television reality shows; a new and entertaining way to invade the thoughts and minds of the masses. And he succeeded at that, too. He became a darling of the liberal elites. Hailed by the likes of Sharpton, Jackson and others who claimed to be civil rights leaders, as well as by John F. Kennedy Jr., Hillary Clinton and well known TV and Hollywood personalities, Trump was encouraged to enter politics, and even to pursue the presidency. All such endorsements are long gone, if not outright denied and ignored. In their place in fact, simmers a virulent hatred for the man. Some local Monroe social elites, through various sources, had personal relationships with one or more of the Trump family, and even with the Donald himself. But those local contacts are, for the most part no more.

At some point, Donald Trump decided he had seen enough. The Obama presidency, which many hailed, and from which just as many felt completely abandoned, was changing The United States in a rapid and profound way. We were losing our freedoms incrementally, inch by inch. All the while we were being told this change and that change was really what was best for us.

We needed to change our position in the international community of nations. No longer the leader, but just one of the tribe. No better than other nations and in fact, worse than many. That was the crux of the Obama message.

Then, Donald J. Trump, with his keen eye and penchant for winning, recognized both the weakness of the Obama agenda, as well as the pent-up energy of the middle of America. He entered the swamp, with a message that appealed to the silent majority of America that had had enough!

Just like the business model he had used in amassing his far reaching fortunes, he saw the havoc Obama had created, and seized the opportunity. He recognized that conservatism far outnumbered liberalism, and he assumed the mantle of a conservative leader. And it worked! He began to build a strong conservative, religious, evangelical pro-life base. Trump also recognized what liberal policies concerning climate control had done and would continue to do, and how they negatively affected the economy.

Change the policies of the liberals, and the U.S. economy could only go up! Change the outsourcing of jobs that had been created by both Republican and Democrat administrations, and thereby renew and regenerate the working force of blue collar America that made us great after World War II.

Build the pipeline infrastructure and start the oil flowing and make the U.S. the No. 1 oil supplier and producer in the world. Rebuild our military and regain our superiority that Obama had decimated. And, in accomplishing all of the above, it would create jobs, and thereby provide more employment for African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and women. Average household income across all social levels would naturally increase. What Trump didn’t realize was that through it all —with all the military and economic gains, with the de-regulation that would allow and create growth — that he would face an ever-increasing hatred from liberal America. That he would be demonized by a mainstream media in a manner that our country had never seen or imagined.

The Obama administration had not only managed to dominate the media, but its minions of liberal educators would grow to outnumber conservatives by numbers that made the halls of higher education hostile to anyone without that liberal belief. As a result, the student liberal population would explode.

Trump was elected in 2016, despite enormous efforts to derail his campaign, and then his actual presidency. Some of the highest echelons of our government were populated with Obama loyalists, and they began a systematic plan to overthrow the presidency of Trump. Elaborate schemes, with far reaching tentacles were dreamed up and implemented. Fake evidence, spread by a fake media, was planted and then investigated. For three years, they investigated. Millions of dollars were spent! The schemes began to unravel. Then … nothing! It didn’t work. The democrats and the fake media became frantic. So an impeachment scheme was concocted. Phony whistleblower! That’s the ticket. Zilch! Nada! A confounded democrat majority in the House prepared Articles of Impeachment with no evidence that rose to the accusation. The level heads in the Senate listened, and listened, and listened. Still nothing. Not guilty. Acquitted.

And through it all — the schemes, the scams, the fake impeachment, the fake media, the constant piling on — the President, OUR President Trump, plowed on. One accomplishment after another, one promise fulfilled after another, each making America greater and greater!

The liberals and the socialists have ruined the once great democrat party. They have replaced it with a party of Second amendment haters, abortion lovers, everything-should-be-free socialists. They have pretty much guaranteed, Donald J. Trump will have a second term!

Frank Scalia


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