Nationally recognized Election Expert, Col. Phil Waldron, publicly stated in a radio interview with Jeff Crouere of Ringside Politics, on June 23, 2021, that Election Bill SB221 should be scrapped–– and Vetoed by the Governor.

Col. Waldron is a 30 year decorated Army Combat Veteran with extensive cyber/digital experience, who is now consulting with Legislators and election officials across America on Election Integrity. Col. Waldron indicated that earlier favorable statements by him about SB221 were based upon prior representations by Louisiana Officials. However, after having studied the final Bill, he concluded that SB221 should be scrapped; Governor John Bel Edwards should Veto SB221; and the Governor should call a special session on and start all over on election integrity.

SB221, by Senator Sharon Hewitt, was passed by the Louisiana Legislature on June 10. Gov. Edwards now has the option to either sign SB221, or Veto it.

In his June 23 interview, Col. Waldron noted that Communist Chinese Interests possess economic leverage over Dominion; that electronic voting systems are inherently insecure; and that what is truly needed are secure paper ballots and transparency.

SB221 has drawn fierce objections from Citizens around the State:

Electronic Voting Machines and their cartridges and components, are physical objects which may be examined and inspected. Voting Machines have been used for decades in Louisiana, and are one of the last, remaining checks on election fraud in Louisiana. Under SB221, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin could disable voting machines from counting votes with the stroke of a pen, and transfer vote tabulation from Voting Machines to a cyber/digital network. This measure could make it easier to cheat in elections, and render it nearly impossible to detect election fraud. SB221 thus allows Ardoin to disable Voting Machines from counting votes–– and thereby eliminate one of the last checks on cheating in Louisiana elections.

Dominion, according to Col. Waldron, is financially leveraged by the Communist Chinese Party. As has been elsewhere documented, Dominion was used in all 6 battleground states in which Activists alleged that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump: Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Minnesota and Michigan. Dominion has filed $1.3B lawsuits against its leading critics, arguably to silence opponents.

Under SB221, Kyle Ardoin can still choose Dominion as Louisiana’s Voting Company. However, under SB221, Ardoin has the political cover of a 5 person “Committee,” personally handpicked by Ardoin, to make this selection.

SB221 essentially authorizes Ardoin to rewrite the requirements for Voting Systems.

SB221 drastically reduces Attorney General oversight of the Secretary of State’s Election rules.

“Secure paper ballots”, are optional under SB221. Instead, SB221 authorizes a “Voter Verified Paper Record,” which some analysts say could be manipulated or distorted by foreign-controlled Election Companies.

SB221 actually allows Louisiana’s election company to be owned up to 24.99% by the Chinese Communist Party — or any other foreign entity. The Penalty for an election company falsely denying that it is 25% foreign owned, is not cancellation of an election Company’s contract with the State. Instead, an election company that lied about its foreign ownership would receive a relative slap on the wrist, in return for a State contract ultimately worth over $100 Million — and could keep counting votes in Louisiana.

Ardoin has already been stopped twice, by Louisiana’s Procurement Office, from awarding huge contracts to Dominion. The Procurement Office stopped Ardoin from awarding a contract to Dominion, once in October of 2018 and again in February, 2021. The Procurement Office cancelled Ardoin’s efforts to award contracts to Dominion, based upon allegations that Ardoin had unfairly sculpted the bid process to favor Dominion.

Some observers believe that SB221 would nullify challenges under the procurement code, if Ardoin manipulated future bids to favor Dominion. In short that, under SB221, Ardoin could structure the bid to favor Dominion–– and no one in Louisiana could do a thing about it. SB221 could be a blueprint for saddling the people of Louisiana with Dominion.

In her June 14 Veto Request, State Rep. Beryl Amedee criticized the tactics of SB221’s proponents: “[T]here we were, with less than 30 minutes to read and understand a 10-page conference report containing 32 amendments to a bill that is 14 pages long and makes changes to 19 sections of law.”

SB 221 does not do what the people of Louisiana have demanded:

• SB221 does not fire Louisiana’s current election Company, Dominion.

• SB221 does not effectively prohibit foreign entities from running our elections.

· SB221 does not give Louisianans the Right to inspect or examine Computer hardware, software and programs, to determine if elections are being fairly conducted–– or stolen.

• SB221 does not require secure, paper ballots.

• SB221 does not Respect the Constitutional Role of the Louisiana Legislature in ensuring election integrity in Louisiana.

Governor Edwards has until June 30, 2021, to veto SB221.

John Milkovich


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I'm sure there's nothing wrong with listening to a retired colonel instead of the people whose current jobs are to oversea national security and the election process.

Both the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council Executive Committee and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council have said this was the most secure election in US history. "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

And let's ignore the hand recount in Georgia that confirmed the election results.

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