Many of us quit The News-Star years ago because there was no local news. Everything came from USA Today and Gannett and didn’t relate to our politics and our conservative ideals. We switched to The Ouachita Citizen to find out what’s going on around our area. We also like the idea of holding the paper in our hands and not staring at a computer.

Lately I’ve heard so many people discussing: How do you find out what’s going on in our area? Especially on the weekends.

Monroe and West Monroe has a lot of great musicians and very active live music venues, bars, and other places people get together to enjoy music.

It would be a great idea for you to have a page in the newspaper each week that listed the place and time of these events so the public could attend. It could be tied to advertising opportunities that might financially benefit your paper. It would be a great public service to keep us informed.

We also hope that someday The Citizen might become a daily or bi-weekly paper.

I and many of my friends hope you will consider giving us a section of the paper that will inform us to “What’s Going On” in the area each week.

Jack Williams, Monroe

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