Ouachita Parish community members realized after a failed effort to recall the Louisiana governor that in order to change our state the people have to work their way up from the grass roots to the top. 

While the school board may be the most local office we can affect, it could also be the most important.  Our school board officials voted to enact policies that are having a negative effect on our children’s health, cognitive and structural development, and the quality of their education on a daily basis. The LDOE Superintendent, Mr. Brumley, has recently urged local school boards to give “parent’s choice” for quarantine policies due to the negative ramifications these policies are having on testing, learning, funding, etc.

A local Non-Profit Human Rights Advocacy group named Parent’s Choice LA began efforts in August 2021 to assist school board members in actions they could take to help parents, and so the board could stand up for the parental rights that are being infringed upon. The school board members have been complacent and continued to vote in favor of policies that affected the parent’s livelihoods and also the quality of the student’s education.

Due to the lack of interest in helping parents and no action being taken by school board members, the Ouachita Parish community decided to use resources provided by PCLA to poll the community to determine where to begin to recall these seats. The community feels this recall is an urgent matter and that they cannot be complacent and wait for the next election in 2022 to vote in new members. The Ouachita Parish School Board has decided, per legal guidance from their attorney Mr. Elmer Noah, to implement whatever the state of Louisiana mandates and the state is accepting most all guidance from the federal level.

Therefore, the community decided to begin recall efforts with District C. This district has had the most feedback from parents regarding inconsistencies and lack of fairness concerning policies implemented by the school principals and educators.

Parent’s Choice LA receives photos weekly of these locally elected officials not following the Governor’s mandates, but yet expect our children to attend school while suffering adverse events of this medical intervention under the Emergency Use Authorization.

Our Ouachita Parish community, along with PCLA, is fighting for our educators as well. Our educators are enduring backlash and know that these mandates are hindering the quality of not only the education the students are receiving but also the education they are capable of providing. Funding for the educators and support staff is in question and currently being investigated.

Members of the Ouachita Parish community want this question answered; Where is the line in the sand?  At what point will the school board stand up and truly represent the people that elected them into office?  At this point, these elected officials are willing to go along with whatever they are instructed to do by legal council regarding any State or Federal order regardless of how unconstitutional or how severely it infringes on the citizen’s personal liberties.

If you would like to stay connected and possibly begin recall efforts in your parish, email parentschoicela@gmail.com for resources to get you started.

Tiffany Hatten

Parent’s Choice LA

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