Chauncey Lee makes a tackle for no gain in West Monroe's victory over ASH. (Photo by Tom Morris) 

Offensive Player of the Year: Hunter Herring, OCS

Defensive Player of the Year: Henton Roberts, Neville

Coach of the Year: Steven Fitzhugh, OCS

First Team Offense

QB Brett Batteford, Neville

RB Derome Williams, West Monroe

RB A.J. Allen, Neville

RB Zach Crain, Sterlington

TE Rylan Green, West Monroe

OL Cam Smith, West Ouachita

OL Andy Weatherford, OCS

OL Thatcher Moorehead, West Monroe

OL Quiwan McNair, Carroll 

OL Will Campbell, Neville

WR Tristan Wiley, OCS

WR Brandon Kimes, Ouachita

WR Devin Hampton, Richwood

ATH Kohl Nolan, West Ouachita

Flex A’Mareya Greeley, Carroll

Flex Shamar Williams, River Oaks

K William Read, Neville

KR Matt McCallister, West Monroe


Played at Luffy Field in Monroe, La., 30Oct2020. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachita Citizen. c.2020.TomMorrisPhotos.com. All Rights Reserved

First-Team Defense

DL Casey Cobb, OCS 

DL Sirlarrius Reed, West Monroe

DL Caleb Scurfield, St. Frederick 

DL Devan Butler, West Ouachita

Hybrid Beau Bennett, St. Frederick 

LB Chauncey Lee, West Monroe

LB Derrick Conner, Carroll

LB Colin Foy, Sterlington

LB Brock Harvey, West Monroe

DB Jaylen Kincaid, Ouachita

DB Lorenzell Dubose, Neville

DB Maurion Eleam, Neville

DB Jason Cooper, West Monroe

Flex Calvin Henderson, Richwood

Flex Myron Eleam, Neville

P Peyton Todd, West Monroe

RS Landon Graves, OCS

Leesville at Monroe Neville - 2Oct2020

The Neville Tigers hosted Leesville at Bill Ruple Stadium for their season opener for the COVID19 shortened 2020 season. 2Oct2020. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachita Citizen. c.2020.TomMorrisPhotos.com. All Rights Reserved

Second-Team Offense

QB Zach Shaw, Ouachita

RB Timothy Byrd, Neville

RB Boris Richard, Ouachita

RB Nelson Sparks, St. Frederick

TE Tony Riveria, Sterlington

OL Brandon Sorrell, Neville

OL Payton Parks-Smith, Sterlington

OL Edmun Williams, Sterlington

OL Brendan Woods, St. Frederick

OL Michael Estep, OCS

WR Billquarius Goodin, Neville

WR John Barr, Sterlington

WR Demardrick Blunt, Carroll

ATH Terry Meneweather, Richwood

Flex J’Keldrick Miller, Sterlington

Flex Jessie Booker, Wossman

K Luke Stagg, West Monroe

KR Dillon Dougan, OCS

2020 - OuachitaChristian at St. Fredrick

Played at Chip Luffey Stadium, Monroe, La. 12Nov2020. Photo by TOM MORRIS/TomMorrispPhotos.com. c.2020.TomMorrisPhotos.com. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Second-Team Defense

DL Enyce Sledge, Neville

DL Jeremiah Willis, St. Frederick 

DL Phillippe Price, Carroll

DL Cody Wooley, Ouachita

Hybrid Thomas Marsala, St. Frederick

LB Lane Blue, Neville

LB Ernest Johnson, West Monroe

LB Parker Coley, Sterlington

LB Cayle Wheeler, Ouachita

DB Cliff Jones, Sterlington

DB Deveryn Brooks, Richwood

DB Aidan Ham, OCS

DB Miguel Gonzalez, River Oaks

Flex Jordan Doaty, Sterlington

Flex Henry Messinger, OCS

P Gunter Tannehill, St. Frederick

RS Ram Foster, Sterlington

Honorable Mention:

Aiden Bellot, West Monroe

Mase Many, West Monroe

Ty Allen, West Monroe

Aidan Swanner, West Monroe

Paul Manning, West Monroe 

JaColby Conner, Ouachita

Carmycah Glass, Ouachita

Eric Pleasant, Ouachita

Marcell Henderson, Ouachita

Deon Hudson, Ouachita

Wyatt Bagwell, West Ouachita 

Ben Crawford, Neville

Zay Straughter, Neville

Ousman Amadou, River Oaks

Luke Handy, Sterlington

Grant Mangrum, Sterlington

Caleb Andrews, Sterlington

William Perkins, Sterlington

Wesley Williams, Richwood 

Keyshawn Reed, Richwood

Latravion Christian, Carroll

Aneus Roberts, Carroll

Michael Tillman, Carroll

Jy’Quarrius Brown, Carroll

Davion Edwards, Carroll

Kendrick Metoyer, Wossman

Quinterious Daggs, Wossman

Charles Dade, Wossman

Dekaryus Randle, Wossman

James David Miller, OCS

Avery Pilgreen, OCS

Samuel Harrell, OCS

Chris Bell, St. Frederick 

Tremaine Cleveland, St. Frederick

Jace Bernard, St. Frederick

James Maryonne, St. Frederick

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