Offensive Player of the Year: A.J. Allen, Neville

Defensive Player of the Year: Casey Cobb, OCS

Co Coaches of the Year: Todd Garvin, Ouachita; Lee Doty, Sterlington


First Team

QB Landon Graves, OCS

RB Trammell Colvin, Sterlington

RB Michael Thompson, St. Frederick

RB Amareya Greeley, Carroll

WR Pat Williams, Wossman

WR John Barr, Sterlington

WR Tristan Wiley, OCS

TE Nate Green, West Monroe

OL Thatcher Moorhead, West Monroe

OL Payton Parks-Smith, Sterlington

OL Andy Weatherford, OCS

OL Thomas Little, Carroll

OL Will Campbell, Neville

ATH Carldell Sirmons, Ouachita 

ATH Rayshawn Pleasant, West Monroe

K Jacob Green, Sterlington

RS Javari Sanders, West Monroe 

Second Team

QB Mason Lawhon, Sterlington

RB Terraus Harris, Wossman

RB J’Keldrick Miller, Sterlington

RB Chad Strickland, OCS  

WR Jaeden Ledent, Ouachita 

WR Nate Roberts, Carroll

WR Brett Norris, West Monroe

TE Jacob McCullers, Ouachita

OL Thomas Wink, West Ouachita

OL Edmun Williams, Sterlington

OL James David Miller, OCS

OL Zalance Heard, Neville

OL Noah Miller, Ouachita  

ATH Hayden Federico, West Monroe

ATH Devin Hampton, Richwood

K Ty Newman, St. Frederick   

RS Chaunky Lewis, Ouachita 

Third Team

QB Zay Ford, Carroll 

RB Bryce Lark, Sterlington

RB Marcell Henderson, Ouachita

RB Noah Norman, West Monroe 

WR Thomas Culp, OCS

WR Jordan Jackson, Wossman

WR Ram Foster, Sterlington

TE Tony Riveria, Sterlington

OL Seth Duncan, West Monroe

OL Avery Pilgreen, OCS

OL Kole Vandergracht, River Oaks

OL Paul Pham, St. Frederick

OL Joseph Horn, Wossman

OL Zelmarcus South, Wossman

ATH Dantavion Nabors, Richwood

ATH Brett Batteford, Neville

ATH Peyton Odom, River Oaks

RS Johnny Woods, Wossman

K Breard Inabnett, Neville


First Team

DL Michael Nolan, West Ouachita

DL Caleb Andrews, Sterlington

DL Enyce Sledge, Neville

DL Brock Harvey, West Monroe

LB Carmycah Glass, Ouachita

LB Henton Roberts, Neville

LB Thomas Marsala, St. Frederick

LB Noah Lovelady, OCS

Flex Chauncey Lee, West Monroe

DB Maurion Eleam, Neville

DB Jaylen Kincaid, Ouachita

DB Jadais Richard, West Monroe

DB Armod Mills, Sterlington

ATH Lorenzell Dubose, Neville

P Grant Edmonson, West Monroe

Second Team

DL Jackson Snow, West Monroe

DL Matthew Fobbs-White, Neville

DL Charlie Robinson, Sterlington

DL Jy’Quarrius Brown, Carroll

LB Luke Handy, Sterlington

LB Chase Mitchell, Sterlington

LB Tag Banks, West Monroe

LB Keyshawn Reed, Richwood

Flex Phil Bradford, Ouachita

DB Quinterious Daggs, Wossman

DB Cliff Jones, Sterlington

DB Jack Debruhl, West Monroe

DB Paul Manning, West Monroe

ATH Aneus Roberts, Carroll

ATH Chris Bell, St. Frederick

P Gunter Tannehill, St. Frederick

Third Team

DL Kendall January, Neville

DL Caleb Scurfield, St. Frederick 

DL Tyler Melna, St. Frederick

DL Ryder Bentley, OCS

Flex Kristian Doyle, Ouachita

LB Jack Skipper, River Oaks

LB Tremaine Cleveland, St. Frederick

LB Charles Dade, Wossman

LB Cameron Payne, Carroll

DB Charles Bradshaw, Wossman

DB Griffin McGee, Neville

DB Jaylin Holland, West Ouachita

DB Tate Hamby, OCS

ATH Corey Williams, Wossman

ST Parker Miller, Sterlington

Honorable Mentions — Kohl Nolan, West Ouachita, Seth Clampit, West Ouachita, Raylynn Hofler, West Ouachita; Hayden Stewart, West Monroe, Richard Killian, West Monroe, Wyatt Bagwell, West Monroe, Mase Many, West Monroe; Trevon Bradford, Ouachita, Winston Sanders, Ouachita; Kane Day, Neville, Landon Sorrell, Neville, Jaylon Blackson, Neville, Zay Straughter, Neville, Brady Menzina, Neville; Kori Hall, Wossman; Traymond Wright, Richwood, Isaiah Matthews, Richwood, Glenn Brisco, Richwood; Kellen Hall, Sterlington, Romaj Hatfield, Sterlington; Demarderick Blunt, Carroll; Barham White, OCS, Samuel Harrell, OCS, Luke Barras, OCS, Broc Hogan, OCS, Ben Devall, OCS; Vasser Day, St. Frederick, Eli Carr, St. Frederick, Connor Breen, St. Frederick; Aidan Parker, River Oaks, Eli Odom, River Oaks

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