Chalmette at West Monroe - Rd. 1 Class 5A 2020 Playoffs

Played at Don Shows Field at Rebel Stadium, West Mornoe, La., 27Nov2020. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachita Citizen

The Alexandria Senior High Trojans swept district honors after making a state championship game appearance in 2020. 

Judd Barton was named Offensive MVP of the district, while Jermaine McNeal earned Defensive MVP honors. 

West Monroe was still well-represented with nine players making first-team, while Ouachita and West Ouachita also had several first-team members. Here's the complete list: 

District 2-5A First-Team Offense: 

MVP: Judd Barton, ASH

QB: Judd Barton, ASH; Zach Shaw, Ouachita; Jaden Osborne, Ruston

HB: Jarvis Newton, ASH; Ketravion Hargrove, Ruston; Derome Williams, West Monroe; Devian Wilson, Ruston

WR: Tray'von Culbert, ASH; T.J. Johnson, ASH; Andrew Frazier, Pineville; Brandon Kimes, Ouachita

TE: Shield Taylor, ASH; Rylan Green, West Monroe 

OL: Cole Jeansonne, ASH; Dylan Dauzart, ASH; Kaden Moreau, Pineville; Richard Page, Ruston; Thatcher Moorehead, West Monroe; Cam Smith, West Ouachita

Athlete: Deontre Griffin, Ruston

Kicker: Caleb Phillips, Ruston

Returner: Jarvis Newton, ASH

District 2-5A First-Team Defense

MVP: Jermaine McNeal

DT: Sirlarrius Reed, West Monroe; Jamarie Monette, ASH; Eric Pleasant, Ouachita; Greg Davis, Ruston; Devan Butler, West Ouachita

DE: Zurilius Swaizer, ASH; Jalen Penegar, Ruston; Brock Harvey, West Monroe; Cody Wooley, Ouachita; Wyatt Bagwell, West Ouachita

LB: Jermaine McNeal, ASH; Cayle Wheeler, Ouachita; Bryant Ford, Pineville; Dalton Herbert, Ruston; Jordan Williams, Ruston; Chauncey Lee, West Monroe

CB: B.J. Green, Ruston; Kamari Vorrice, ASH; Jaylen Kincaid, Ouachita; Chris Holmes, Pineville; Paul Manning, West Monroe

S: C.J. Kittling, ASH; Jalen Brown, Pineville; Jason Cooper, West Monroe; Deon Hudson, Ouachita; Jacob Martin, Ruston

Flex: Kameron Miller, Pineville

Punter: Peyton Todd, West Monroe

District 2-5A Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Nate Dardar, Pineville; Lane Little West Monroe

Running back: Boris Richard, Ouachita; Marcel Henderson, Ouachita; Bruce Jackson, Pineville; Kohl Nolan, West Ouachita

Wide Receiver: Jacolby Connor, Ouachita; Cody Riggs, Pineville; Matthew McCallister, West Monroe; Brady Ryals, West Ouachita. 

Tight Ends: Sam Andrews, Ruston; Bryce Rushing, West Ouachita

Offensive Line: John Curtis Goodman, ASH; Ben Pipes, Ouachita; Ethan Clark, Pineville; Mase Many, West Monroe; Blake Balsamo, West Ouachita

Athlete: Darryl Nealy, Pineville

Kicker: Abel Peterman, ASH; Luke Stagg, West Monroe 

Returner: Matthew McCallister

District 2-5A Second-Team Defense

DT: Wyatt Dauzart, ASH; Devin Gix, Ouachita; Tamarius Pearson, Pineville; Aidan Bellot, West Monroe

DE: Troy Owens, Ouachita; Ty Allen, West Monroe; Aidan Swanner, West Monroe

LB: John Parrish, ASH; Rashad Thompson, ASH; Carmycah Glass, Ouachita; Ernest Johnson, West Monroe

CB: Josh Marie, ASH; Kade Pittard, West Monroe; Javari Sanders, West Monroe

S: Chris Clark, ASH: Aaron Wright, Ruston; Peyton Todd, West Monroe; Josh Cobbs, West Monroe

P: Caleb Phillips, Ruston

Honorable Mention

ASH — Chris Gray, Carl Hall, Asa Jones, Abu Kamara, Graham Vaughn, Jaylon Williams

Ruston — Dyson Fields, Deangelo Harper, Jeb White, Dennis Williams

Pineville — Jairius Baines, Jordan Hansen, Ashton Mollette, Isiah Silas, Greg Willis

West Monroe — Nate Green, Josh Cobbs, Hudson Hilburn, Justin Lawrence, Brett Norris, Reagan Reynolds, Ty Titus, D'arrius Ziggler

Ouachita — Keyonte Blunt, Jamie Ginn, D.J. Jacobs, Jacob McKullers, Jeremy Nelson, Kris Pleasant, Austin Willis

West Ouachita — Cam Bailey, Mason Cobb, Raylynn Hofler, Arturo Martinez, Caden Middleton, Michael Nolan, Thomas Wink, Jordan Wolfe

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