The (9-1, 4-1) Alexandria Senior High Trojans proved to be a Top 3 Class 5A team by defeating (6-4, 1-4) West Ouachita in a 35-13 Thursday night contest, but the biggest story of the night had little to do with the actual game or playoff implications that follow.

At the 9:26 mark in the fourth quarter, the game was halted after Chiefs linebacker Luke Middleton, son of head coach Matt Middleton, collided with an ASH player and suffered a head injury. Luke was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Matt’s wife, Kayla Middleton, posted on Facebook Friday morning that Luke’s CT scan of the head/neck area was clear.

“Doctor said he doesn’t think there’s any spinal damage or internal bleeding, but (they’re) going to do MRI as precautionary,” Kayla’s post read. “Doctor also mentioned seeing a spot on neck, but didn’t think it was acute and most likely from a previous injury. There’s a strong possibility of him being released mid-morning if MRI clears. Chalking it up to a bad concussion at this moment.”

The game was called with nine minutes remaining, resulting in a 35-13 loss for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs opened up the contest in a familiar fashion. With a nine-play drive, the Chiefs ate up nearly half of the clock in the first quarter before Luke Stagg drilled a 41-yard field goal, giving West Ouachita a 3-0 advantage.

Unfortunately ASH controlled the rest of the contest.

ASH answered quickly with a five-play, 71-yard drive that culminated in a Jarvis Newton 23-yard touchdown run. That score set the tone for a big offensive night for the Trojans.  

ASH passed for 196 yards and rushed for 218 in the victory, while West Ouachita was held to 160 total yards in the contest. ASH quarterback Judd Barton was 11-of-14 for 196 yards and two touchdowns.

Tobias Owens led the Chiefs with 94 yards on 19 carries.

With more games to be played Friday night, the Chiefs sit at No. 31 in the power rankings, hoping to hold on to one of the final two spots in Class 5A.

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