A list of high schools being investigated by the LHSAA for practicing before the new June 8 summer date swelled from four to 12 statewide last week.

Crescent City Sports was the first to report last week the LHSAA received photographic and video evidence of four schools, all from the New Orleans metro area, allegedly getting off to an early start for summer workouts.

The Baton Rouge Advocate reported the list grew to potentially 10 one day later with two north Louisiana schools being among the investigated schools. LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine refused to name any of the schools under investigation.

John Curtis and Holy Cross were each listed in multiple reports as part of the potential dozen schools that have been investigated, and both schools denied the allegations.

Curtis headmaster and head coach J.T. Curtis told Crescent City Sports, “If there is any video evidence, please present it to me and I will take the appropriate action. I feel certain nothing inappropriate occurred.”

Holy Cross head coach Nick Saltaformaggio told The Clarion Herald that several boys on campus were mistaken to be his own players. Saltaformaggio said New Orleans Saint Will Clapp has been working out with Tulane players on campus.

Bonine plans on reviewing the results of multiple investigations on June 3.

The LHSAA issued a memo earlier in May stating schools understood the consequences for violating the rules set in place, which could range from a large fine to a suspension of participation in the particular sport for 12 months.

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