The 2015 prep football season appears to be saved after the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and the Louisiana High School Officials Association reached a tentative agreement regarding pay raises on Sunday in Baton Rouge.

The two sides have been at odds since May, leading to officials discussing boycotting the season. That move now appears to be unnecessary.

The terms of the new agreement were not revealed, but both parties assured the public that the fall sports would go on as normal.

"We're ready to move forward and try to get a resolve and do what we want to do and that's to get a situation that's good for kids," LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine said.

The LHSOA had taken a hard-line stance by insisting on signed contracts and pay raises for officials in seven sports. The sides had a breakdown in communication on June 23.

The officials were asking for between a $5 to $10 raise, costing each school around $1,800. Officials currently make anywhere from $65 to $85 a game, well below the national average of $70-$100 per game.

"It was a lot of good conversation with a lot of things that we had to get on the table and talk about and get agreement on, and we have a tentative agreement," LHSOA president Paul LaRosa said.

"We're gonna go back to our officials and let them know that we're very excited to promote the registration of our officials and let them get ready for the season."

Any action taken on this issue will still have to be approved by the LHSAA principals.

The state's first regular season football games are scheduled for Sept. 3, respectively, with preseason scrimmage and jamborees on tap in the weeks before those season openers. 

"The fact that the officials are beginning to go to register and start the process, I think will be enough at this particular point," Bonine said.

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