Has any sport taken more “L’s” than college baseball over the last year?

Go back a season and relive those frustrating times with me for a second. Remember when the sports world shut down and college basketball pulled the plug on March Madness? Shortly after that announcement, on March 12th, the NCAA announced that it was cancelling all remaining winter and spring championships, including the College World Series.

That was one of the biggest knee-jerk decisions in the history of sports. Roughly three months out, the NCAA decided to cancel an outdoors tournament while many of us were still gathering information on the coronavirus?

I'll admit, I was a bit peeved when tournaments across the United States pulled off travel ball tournaments with relatively little to no hiccups, but hey, I get it. College baseball doesn’t draw near the same amount of attention or money as March Madness. Canceling the College World Series three months out was a relatively easy decision for the NCAA.

Approximately one year later, the NCAA makes yet another head-scratching decision that involves college baseball.

D1Baseball.com’s Kendall Rogers broke the news last week that the NCAA will have predetermined Regional and Super Regional sites in this year’s tournament, and get this, the bids must be submitted by today (April 12). Rogers also shared the NCAA would announce the host sites May 10.

This clearly muddies the waters for our local squads, and more specifically, Louisiana Tech. When this news broke, Louisiana Tech was 20-7 on the season and No. 7 in the country in RPI (rating percentage index). Having an all-time season, Louisiana Tech was going to have to make a choice. A difficult one. 

Do school officials pour money into a bid despite not knowing whether Louisiana Tech's baseball team makes the tournament or not? What if Louisiana Tech doesn’t make it and the school loses money on the deal? Did I mention schools across the country took it on the chin last year during the pandemic?

I understand wanting to protect the amateur athlete, and that means placing safeguards. But vaccines are becoming more readily available across the country, and baseball tournaments — whether big or small — had a pretty nice track record in 2020. Heck, Iowa welcomed 29,000 fans at Principal Park in Des Moines for their annual state tournament last August. 

J.C. Love Field has treated the Bulldogs well, by the way. Louisiana Tech is 12-3 at home.

With one of the finest ball parks in America, many of us looked forward to Louisiana Tech potentially hosting a regional later this year. Now school officials have to make a difficult decision regarding Northeast Louisiana's hottest ball clubs.

With money tighter than it's been in a very long time at universities across the nation, I certainly wouldn't care to make that decision.   

Award-winning sports writer for columns and features since joining the field in 2013. As the first-ever featured columnist of the month at Bleacher Report, Martin cut his teeth with online media before joining the newspaper business in 2014.

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