2021 - Ouachita at Neville football

Played 2021Sept10 at Bill Ruple Stadium, Monroe, La. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachita Citizen. c.tommorrisphotos.com All Rights Reserved

Ouachita claimed two of the top three honors on the 2021 District 2-5A All-District Team.

Ouachita head coach Todd Garvin earned Coach of the Year honors, while Lions senior linebacker Carmycah Glass received the nod for Defensive MVP.

Ruston’s Dyson Fields claimed Offensive MVP honors after rushing for 1,659 yards and 24 touchdowns in the regular season.

Ouachita, Ruston and West Monroe each tied to share the district crown with 4-1 records.

The complete District 2-5A team is as follows:


MVP Dyson Fields, Ruston

First Team

Offensive line Kaden Moreau, Pineville

Offensive line Noah Miller, Ouachita

Offensive line Jayden Woods, Ruston

Offensive line Micah Scheer, Ruston

Offensive line Thomas Wink, West Ouachita

Offensive line Thatcher Moorhead, West Monroe

Tight end Nate Green, West Monroe

Wide receiver Dawson Willis, Ruston

Wide receiver Brett Norris, West Monroe

Wide receiver Daylon Hammond, Alexandria Senior High

Wide receiver Jaeden Ledent, Ouachita

Tailback Dyson Fields, Ruston

Tailback Rayshawn Pleasant, West Monroe

Tailback Jarvis Newton, ASH

Fullback Devian Wilson, Ruston

Quarterback Jaden Osborne, Ruston

Athlete Carldell Sirmons, Ouachita

Kicker Abel Peterman, ASH

Returner Javari Sanders, West Monroe

Second Team

Offensive line Bernard Johnson, Ruston

Offensive line Seth Duncan, West Monroe

Offensive line John Curtis Goodman, ASH

Offensive line Ethan Clark, Pineville

Offensive line Trevon Bradford, Ouachita

Offensive line Mase Many, West Monroe

Tight end Jacob McCullars, Ouachita

Tight end Ahmad Breaux, Ruston

Wide Receiver T.J. Johnson, ASH

Wide Receiver Cody Riggs, Pineville

Wide Receiver Chaunky Lewis, Ouachita  

Wide Receiver Seth Clampit, West Ouachita

Wide Receiver Amyrion Mingo, ASH

Tailback Bruce Jackson, Pineville

Tailback Marcell Henderson, Ouachita 

Tailback Kohl Nolan, West Ouachita 

Fullback Noah Norman, West Monroe

Quarterback Zach Jackson, Ouachita 

Athlete Hayden Federico, West Monroe  

Kicker Brady Beason, Ruston 

Returner Chaunky Lewis, Ouachita 


MVP Carmycah Glass, Ouachita 

First Team 

Defensive tackle Dennis Williams, Ruston

Defensive tackle Jackson Snow, West Monroe

Defensive tackle J’Mari Monette, ASH

Defensive end Jeremiah Jeffers-Wright, ASH

Defensive end Geordan Guidry, Ruston

Defensive end Michael Nolan, West Ouachita 

Defensive end Brock Harvey, West Monroe 

Linebacker Carmycah Glass, Ouachita

Linebacker Jadon Mayfield, Ruston  

Linebacker Chauncey Lee, West Monroe 

Corner B.J. Green, Ruston 

Corner Paul Manning, West Monroe

Corner Josh Marie, ASH

Corner Jaylen Kincaid, Ouachita 

Safety Jadais Richard, West Monroe 

Safety Jack DeBruhl, West Monroe

Safety Kamron Miller, Pineville

Safety D’Angelo Harper, Ruston

Flex Kristian Doyle, Ouachita 

Punter Abel Peterman, ASH

Second Team

Defensive tackle Phil Bradford, Ouachita 

Defensive tackle Hayden Stewart, West Monroe

Defensive tackle Richard Killian, West Monroe

Defensive tackle Carl Hall, ASH

Defensive end Wyatt Dauzart, ASH

Defensive end Wyatt Bagwell, West Monroe

Defensive end Kelby Collins, Pineville

Defensive end Tylen Burch, Pineville

Linebacker Tag Banks, West Monroe

Linebacker Terrell Blake, ASH

Linebacker Bryant Ford, Pineville

Linebacker Brilun Elmore, Ruston

Corner Javari Sanders, West Monroe

Corner Jaylin Holland, West Ouachita

Safety Hunter Myers, West Monroe

Safety A.J. Howard, West Monroe

Safety Raylynn Hofler, West Ouachita 

Safety Winston Sanders, Ouachita

Flex Greg Willis, Pineville

Punter Grant Edmonson, West Monroe

Punter Brady Beason, Ruston

Honorable Mention

Joe Bordelon, ASH

Jermaine Minor, ASH

Cameron Calderon, ASH

Zack Gravning, ASH

Adaiah Jones, ASH

James Herrington, ASH

Christian Davis, Ruston

Ray Owens, Ruston

Mon Maddox, Ruston

Jordan McWain, Ruston

Nate Johnson, Ruston

Mason Skipper, Ruston

Will Regan, Ruston

Gavin Waters, Ouachita 

Zahir Muhammad, Ouachita

Austin Willis, Ouachita 

Chance Dora, Ouachita 

Fred Downs, Ouachita 

Kendrick Cooley 

Mondrai Hogg, Ouachita  

Donte Dunbar, Ouachita

Zach Johnson, West Monroe

Hunter Whitlock, West Monroe

Kaden Evan, West Monroe

D’Arius Ziegler, West Monroe

Haikeem Buckley, West Monroe

Evan O’Brien, Pineville

Alex Courville, Pineville

Chase White, West Ouachita 

Houston Moore, West Ouachita 

Antonio Ford, West Ouachita 

Mike Hall, West Ouachita 

Mason Cobb, West Ouachita 

Christian Willis, West Ouachita 

Chandler Romero, West Ouachita 

Jackson Walker, West Ouachita 

Luke Jones, West Ouachita  

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