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As I sit at my computer writing this week’s column, it’s chilly; it’s nasty; it’s raining outside. Once I get my column done, I’ll likely kick back in my recliner, pour a cup of coffee and chill out with a good book, preferably outdoors themed.

With Christmas approaching, I’m pleased to share a few books that your hunter-angler spouse or brother or friend would love to find under the Christmas tree this year.


My good friend and outdoor writer, Jim Mize, writes funny. No, I don’t mean he writes lying on his back with the keyboard balanced on his knees or that he uses toes instead of fingers to type, Jim is a humor writer.

The only problem with reading his books is you don’t want to have just taken a big sip of coffee that will spurt out of your nose when you read what he says about carp….”fish so ugly they have to spawn in muddy water”.

Jim offers two of his award winning books this year for a package deal. You’ll save $8 when you purchase the package; “The Winter of our Discount Tent” and “A Creek Trickles Through It” for the price of $25 plus shipping. Go on-line to HYPERLINK "http://www.acreektricklesthroughit.com" www.acreektricklesthroughit.com for ordering information.


If ever there was an expert on the wild turkey in Louisiana, it’s Jimmy Stafford, career wildlife expert who worked as biologist and the head of the state’s wild turkey program for more than 30 years.

Stafford, who makes his home in southeast Louisiana in Franklinton, has compiled a 150 page book chock full of anything you could ever want to know about the wild turkeys that inhabit Louisiana.

“I started out several years ago squirreling away information in a couple of files I had accumulated when I was turkey study leader. After I retired, I dug through these files and found interesting information in the files that folks didn’t know anything about.

“About a year ago on a rainy day, I was just sitting around the house with nothing to do so I said to myself that this would be a good day to start writing my book. So I got started on it,” Stafford said.

The end result is a complete and exhaustive look at the bird that has captivated the minds and interests of Louisiana hunters for the past couple of decades.

You’ll find a section on the history of wild turkeys in Louisiana highlighting the fact that there were big populations of the birds in the state in the 1800s. The state’s first turkey season began in 1902 extending from November through March. There was no daily or seasonal bag limit, turkeys of either sex could be taken and the use of bait, use of dogs or selling harvested turkeys was not prohibited.

Another section of the book includes the biology and habits of wild turkeys including such interesting topics as breeding, nesting and brood rearing, predation, disease and food habits.

There’s a section on habitat and management of wild turkeys with a look at the state’s habitat regions, habitat requirements and habitat management practices that work.

Finally, you’ll find a section every turkey hunter will find interesting, turkey hunting in Louisiana including not only the how-to’s but the length, timing, bag and season limits and the politics of turkey hunting seasons.

To purchase a copy of Stafford’s book, contact him at Stafford Forest Management, LLC, 39731 Highway 10, Franklinton, LA 70438. They can also be ordered through his web site, HYPERLINK "mailto:Stafford.forest@hughes.net" Stafford.forest@hughes.net. Price is $24.95 plus $4 shipping and handling.

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