2020 Sterlington at Richwood

Played at Mackie Freeze Stadium, Richwood, La., 15Oact2020. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachita Citizen. c.2020,TomMorrisPhotos.com. All Rights reserved.

It had been 734 days since Richwood's football team tasted the sweet thrill of victory. 

After an 0-5 campaign in 2020 and an 0-1 start to the 2021 season, the Rams put that winless streak to bed after beating Madison, 30-20, Thursday night. 

"It was an exciting night for our kids. A lot of them, it was their first taste of victory at any level," Richwood head coach Marcus Yanez said. "I wanted them to embrace that feeling of winning football games and allow it to carry over into the games to come. Let's get that win again. Remember what it feels like." 

Richwood trailed 14-8 at halftime after new starting quarterback Andrew King showed some freshman tendencies when he fumbled a few snaps early into the ballgame. King was replaced by Dantavion Nabors, and Yanez watched King closely on the sidelines. 

"He showed a lot of maturity," Yanez said. "He had a choice, and he made a mature one. He didn't get too down on himself, and he got the chance to come back in and respond. He swallowed his pride and led us to a game-sealing drive at the end." 

King led a long scoring drive in the fourth quarter with his Rams leading 22-20. He found the end zone for the final score of the night to polish off the (1-1) Rams victory. 

Sophomore Michael Wright was all over the field in the win. Wright led the team in rushing and in tackles during the win.

"He's a 5'6", 135-pound kid that didn't leave the field," Yanez said. "That kid has a big bite an a big bark to be honest with you. He had close to 100 yards rushing." 

After the 24-hour rule, the Rams will put the victory behind them as they gear up for their third road contest in a row. The Rams will travel to take on Benton next Friday night. 

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