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A last-second 3-pointer by Zaria Singleton gave the Wossman Lady Wildcats something it hasn’t had all season long — a narrow win.

When Singleton made her shot with 5.1 seconds remaining, the Lady Wildcats followed up with a defensive stop in a 48-47 nail-biter victory against Bastrop.

On reflections, it’s hard for James to believe Wossman trailed by five points with less than 30 seconds to go in the contest.

“We knew we had to go full-court, man-to-man pressure late,” Wossman head coach Dorothea James said. “I just looked at my girls and said, ‘Listen, we have to buckle down. We’re not leaving here without a win tonight.’”

With 19 seconds to play, Zymra Bass converted an and-one to cut the deficit to two on the road. Before Bass shot her free throw, James told the official that she wanted a timeout if Bass made it, so she could set up Wossman’s defense.

“We have four bigs this year, so we’re pretty long,” James said. “We put one of our bigs on the ball to cause as much of a distraction as we could. They bounced the ball out of bounds for us to get the ball back with 13 seconds let.”

On the inbound underneath the basket, James noticed Bastrop’s defense was concentrated on plugging up the middle. The Lady Rams did not want to allow an easy basket for one of Wossman’s big girls underneath, which presented a golden opportunity for Singleton on the outside.

“She missed a few shots that she normally knocks down and had a couple of turnovers late, but she still had the confidence to step behind that line and knock it down,” James said.

With the win, Wossman improved to 8-11 on the season. According to Louisiana Sportsline, the victory moved the Lady Wildcats to No. 32 in the power rankings ahead of No. 34 Sterlington and No. 35 Richwood in District 2-3A play.

The Lady Wildcats will host Richwood Friday for a pivotal clash.

“We’re climbing,” James said. “We lost some players due to injuries, so it’s taken us some time to learn each other and get comfortable with our new positions. Now is the time for us to peak.”  

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