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The St. Frederick Warriors defense got back to its stingy ways in a 40-0 shutout victory Thursday night.

The (5-2) Warriors’ first-team defense allowed just 45 total points in seven games this season. More than half of those points came against OCS in one of two losses to defending state champions this season. Now, sitting around No. 15 in unofficial power ratings, the Warriors await their playoff fate due to circumstances extending out of their own control.

How the Warriors got there requires a lengthy explanation. 

“It starts with being an eight-team district, and it goes back to the number of teams not actually playing games,” St. Frederick head coach Andy Robinson told The Morning Drive with Aaron and Jake Friday morning. “Several teams in our district haven’t played a lot of games. Usually you get three or four points every week that’s guaranteed with opponents playing each other. It’s been unfortunate that those schools haven’t played, and we’ve lost those points.”

Of course, there are other factors involved as well. Some teams have taken advantage of the power point system by scheduling bigger opponents and gaining extra power points as a result.

“They took advantage of it, and we didn’t get the chance to do that because the game we lost (Delta Charter), we lost on a late Wednesday afternoon,” Robinson said. “It’s just been unfortunate. All we can do is control what we can control in-house. We’ve gone toe-to-toe with two of the better teams in the entire state. I still don’t feel like that’s respected.”

As for the victory against Delhi, Robinson said the team finished the season exactly how it wanted to. The Warriors outgained Delhi in total yards, 289-52.

Nelson Sparks led the Warriors rushing attack with 94 yards and three touchdowns on 18 carries, while Michael Thompson added 69 yards and a score. Jace Bernard also found the end zone on the ground for the Warriors, as well.

Gunter Tannehill booted a 27-yard field goal for the Warriors in the victory.

“We had to go on the road and play a Delhi team who’s had their struggles,” Robinson said. “We had to focus on us and the things we need to do. Thought the defense came out and played well. We were able to get on the board and get a bunch of young kids into the game.”  

The Warriors will find out their playoff fate on Sunday when playoff pairing are announced.

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