Central LaFourche at West Monroe 2019

Played at Don Shows Field at Rebel Stadium, West Monroe, LA. 14Nov2019. Round 1 of the LHSAA State Class 5-A Playoffs. Photo by TOM MORRIS/The Ouachiata Citizen

Coach of the Year: Steven Fitzhugh, OCS 

Offensive Player of the Year: Hunter Herring, OCS

Defensive Player of the Year: Andrew Cagle, Neville

1st Team Offense

QB Andrew Brister, Neville

RB Dallas Reagor, Sterlington

RB Chaunzavia Lewis, Ouachita

RB Cayden Pierce, West Monroe

WR Derryck Dorsey, Neville

WR Layton Rainbolt, Sterlington

WR Will Fitzhugh, OCS

TE Hixson Street, Sterlington

OL Brock Risinger, Sterlington

OL Ethan Boyer, West Monroe

OL Grant Mashaw, OCS

OL Will Campbell, Neville

OL Isaiah Taylor, Carroll

ATH Tobias Owens, West Ouachita

Punter Peyton Todd, West Monroe

Returner AJ Fenceroy, West Monroe

Kicker Luke Stagg, West Ouachita 

2nd Team Offense

QB Hayes Crockett, Sterlington

RB Derome Williams, West Monroe

RB Jordan Townsend, Sterlington

RB Montrell Jones, Carroll

WR Eli Extine, OCS

WR D.J. Jacobs, Ouachita

WR C.J. Henderson, Richwood

TE Rylan Green, West Monroe

OL Samuel Alexander, River Oaks

OL Deworange Brown, Neville

OL Michael Bohn, West Ouachita

OL Micah Mansfield, Ouachita

OL Blake Everett, West Monroe

ATH Jessie Booker, Wossman

Punter Will Ellender, St. Frederick

Returner Max Hunter, Neville

Kicker Jacob Green, Sterlington

1st Team Defense

DL Malcolm Moore, West Monroe

DL Tikey Reese, Neville

DL Beau Bennett, St. Frederick

DL Denterrius McHenry, St. Frederick

Hybrid Jacoby Collins, Wossman

LB Tanner Zordan, West Monroe

LB Cole Jones, Sterlington

LB Carl Glass, Ouachita 

DB Cedric Woods, Carroll

DB Brooks Miller, West Monroe

DB Charles Straughter, Neville

DB Dorian Eddins, Sterlington

2nd Team Defense

DL Montana King, West Ouachita

DL T.J. Bush, West Monroe

DL Trevon Hudson, Wossman

DL Christian Gray, OCS

Hybrid Derrick Conner, Carroll

LB Gordon Bennett, St. Frederick

LB Javon Carter, Neville

LB Ethan Hogan, OCS

DB Brad Williams, West Monroe

DB Cayle Wheeler, Ouachita

DB Donald Nabors, Carroll

DB Reid Guirlando, West Ouachita

Honorable Mentions:


Shaun McDonald, OL

Chaz Trichell, OL

Jerry Day, WR

Aiden Bellot, DL

Ethan Swanner, DL

Dontrell Cobbs, DL

Latayveon McFee, LB

Rayshawn Pleasant, DB

Ja’dais Richard, DB


Jaylen Kincaid, Ouachita

Jacolby Conner, WR

Brandon Kimes, WR

Kameron Williams, TE

Xavier Holden, DL

Cody Wooley, DL

Carmycah Glass, LB

Ricky Slater, LB

Jamal Hoard, DB

Shunterrious Queen, DB


Tim Andrajack, OL

Chandler Simpson, DL

Clay Norris, DL

Luke Middleton, LB

Dawson Hagan, LB

Cole Moore, DB


William Reed, K

Timothy Byrd, RB

Davis Brown, TE

Dove Sclare, OL

Logan Smith, OL

Hinton Roberts, LB


Graceson Jackson-Smith, OL 

Antonio Hill, OL 

Trandy Williams, OL 

Antrell Green, QB 

Dezmeon Watson, WR

Eddie Staten, DL 

Shawnkorian Hall, LB

Jay Jones, LB


LB Colin Foy

DB Harrison Womack

P Parker Coley


QB Antonio Hollins

DL Jackie Wallace

LB Chartavion Arrington


WR Devin Hampton

ATH Michael Sherman

LB Carldarrius Bethley

DL/LB Wesley Williams

DB Xavier Wright


OT J.D. Roberson

DL Matthew Henson

DB Drake Tannehill


RB Nelson Sparks

LB Tremaine Cleveland

DB/RS Pat Johnson

P Will Ellender


OL Garrett Folds

WR Tristan Wiley

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