Adam Tubbs

Before the start of the 2020 baseball season, Sterlington seniors had already amassed 100 victories in their playing careers.

Now, as head coach Mark Sims admits, some of those wins came when a good majority of those seniors were inactive as freshmen. After all, that 2017 state championship victory featured a season that checked off 36 wins.

But still, this senior class more than maintained a winning tradition at Sterlington High School, and one of the players most responsible for those victories was senior Adam Tubbs. Entering the 2020 season, Sterlington’s seniors were 100-13, and Tubbs was 26-4 as a starter on the mound.

“Gosh, what a senior class,” Sterlington head coach Mark Sims said. “All of my statistics are on my computer at the school, so I couldn’t definitively tell you how close Tubbs was to the school record for wins. I know Spencer (Davis) had quite a bit. He and Trey Rugg.”

At 34-8, Davis confirmed his 34 wins were a school record. It’s only fitting Tubbs would be eight wins shy of Davis’ record ahead of his senior campaign. After all, Tubbs can remember watching Davis deliver an MVP performance in the 2017 Class 2A State Championship victory.

“I really enjoyed getting to watch him and Rugg pitch my sophomore year,” said the senior left-hander. “I got to learn so much watching them.”

Tubbs will never get his chance to supplant Davis in the record books. Before the start of the season, the ULM commit suffered a partially pulled muscle in the back of his shoulder. He noticed something was wrong after the first few scrimmages earlier this year and has been undergoing therapy in hopes of getting back on the field. He’ll get to throw next week for the first time, but with the entire world in a state of flux, there might not be a season to come back to.

“The last few weeks have been pretty crazy,” Tubbs said. “I guess it’s not a thought that anybody would ever have to worry about. It was really weird the first two days because you’re used to seeing everybody. Nobody thought this thing was real until now.”

Tubbs, like his fellow seniors, would have been chasing their third state championship. Tubbs, who went 9-1 with a save and posted a 2.25 ERA in 2019, knows exactly what it feels like to take the mound with the state title on the line.

“That was no doubt one of my favorite moments of my career,” Tubbs said. “When we brought (Harrison) Womack in (for the save), I knew there was no chance we were going to lose that game.”

Unlike many seniors out there, Tubbs is fortunate enough that he’ll continue his playing career after he graduates from high school.

And Tubbs even got a taste of what his future might be like when he went to watch ULM host national power Ole Miss on March 10. That just so happened to be the final week of the college baseball season.

“That environment was kind of like pitching in Sulphur,” Tubbs said. “The stands are always packed down there (for the state championships). So of course, that’s an experience I’d like to have at ULM one day.” 

The hometown prospect pitching in a sea of maroon would make for a perfect ending to a storied pitching career, no doubt. And even if it’s an unlikely scenario at this venture, perhaps Tubbs will be fortunate enough to add a few more chapters to his Sterlington career before it’s all said and done. And if he isn’t, a 26-4 record says all that’s needed to be said about Tubbs’ high school career.

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