When Mike DeJean accepted the new head-coaching job at St. Frederick High School in 2019 that meant seniors like Jadon Roy would have their third new head coach in their high school career.

Fortunately for Roy, though, DeJean wasn’t an unfamiliar face.

“I took lessons from him such a long time ago, so it was definitely nice knowing who he was, especially with it being my final year,” Roy said.

DeJean, who pitched in the Major League for the better part of decade with teams like the Colorado Rockies and Milwaukee Brewers, remembered Roy for numerous reasons.

And he should. It’s not often you have a player that attains a 33 on their ACT and gets accepted into Vanderbilt.

“He is such a special kid,” DeJean said. “He did everything for me. He played second, third, centerfield, right field and pitched. He swung it well for us.”

In the short 2020 baseball season, the Warriors recorded a 7-3 record, which was more success the Warriors have seen in quite some time. According to, the Warriors went 6-23-1 last season and 10-18 in 2018. That's what makes the sudden ending to the season all the more painful for players like Roy who endured those struggles the past few seasons.

In the Warriors’ final win of the season against Choudrant, Roy got to pitch in what he believed would be his final game.

“At the time, I was told to be ready because it could very well be my final game,” Roy said. “There were other people who didn’t get to play their games on that Saturday. So in a way, I was more fortunate. I got to know I was about to play my last game, where other people didn’t.”

As Roy and the Warriors were beginning to shine on the baseball diamond, Roy had already solidified his place as one of the most accomplished students in the state. With a 4.0 GPA and 33 on his ACT, Roy got accepted into Vanderbilt last year, where he hopes to study biology and head down the pre-med track like his father, Dr. Samer Roy, did before opening an office in West Monroe.

Roy’s future is paved with books and challenging tests, but another challenge awaits.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I was 3 or 4 years old,” Roy said. “It’s been a very big part of my life, so learning to watch baseball now as a fan and not as a player is going to be the biggest difference for me. I’m definitely going to miss playing.”

Award-winning sports writer for columns and features since joining the field in 2013. As the first-ever featured columnist of the month at Bleacher Report, Martin cut his teeth with online media before joining the newspaper business in 2014.

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