West Ouachita head coach Mike Rainwater added another big fish to the Chiefs’ football pond.

Longtime River Oaks head coach Robert Hannah will join Rainwater’s staff as the new defensive coordinator, replacing previous defensive coordinator Cleo Head.

“I tell you what — we’ve got a good mixture of old heads and young heads,” Rainwater said. “He actually became the head coach at River Oaks in 1995, which was my senior year. So I played against him (Riverfield), coached against him and now will coach with him. So I have a long history with him, and his name speaks for itself.”

Hannah couldn't help but laugh at the fact he coached against Rainwater back when West Ouachita's head coach was still suiting up. 

"We don't have to bring that up..." Hannah said, laughing. "We've coached against each other, so let's go with that one. I'm going to have to learn from them and they'll learn from me. I think it will be great." 

Hannah, who claimed his 200th victory last season as head coach and amassed a 201-114 record with the Mustangs, was the longest tenured head coach in Ouachita Parish. He served as an assistant for an additional nine seasons before becoming the headman.

The Mustangs won two state championships under Hannah's watch in 2005 and 2010.

"It was hard to do, but something had to be done I guess," said Hannah about stepping down as River Oaks head coach. "I'm done at River Oaks, and I wish them the best. I'm always going to care about that school." 

Now Rainwater has longtime West Monroe offensive coordinator Glenn Hunt and longtime River Oaks head coach Hannah under one roof as his two coordinators.

“Those team meetings are going to be very interesting when we game plan for opponents,” Rainwater said. “When you throw him and Coach Hunt together, and we’ve also got some young guys who are very talented and knowledgeable of the game, I couldn’t ask for a better staff.”

Hannah commands a 4-3 defense, which fits perfectly with the Chiefs’ scheme.

“When I heard he was more than likely going to be available, I did my due diligence and asked around and finally caught up with him,” Rainwater said. “I presented our situation out here at West Ouachita. He came out and watched a few practices in the spring, and we hit it off. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at him after that.”

Hannah said Rainwater was the main reason he wanted to coach at West Ouachita. 

"We talked, and I really liked the things that he was doing," Hannah said. "The energy his staff shows and everything. I think it's a big challenge for me." 

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