To help alleviate a critical shortage of blood and blood products, the University of Louisiana Monroe, ULM Medical Laboratory Science and LifeShare Blood Center is having the Battle of the Bayou Blood Drive from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29. 

The “battle” is a friendly competition between ULM and Louisiana Tech to encourage healthy adults to donate blood. The LifeShare donor bus will be in Warhawk Circle each day from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. COVID-19 safety protocols are in place, and masks are required. Those recovered from COVID-19 must be symptom-free for a minimum of 14 days. 

The fall drive is essential to rebuilding the local blood supply. Since the pandemic, blood donations have declined. Area hospitals depend on community donors to help maintain a supply of blood for children, adults, those with serious illnesses, surgeries, accidents, trauma, and more. 

Debbie Wisenor, associate professor and MLS program director, has organized blood drives on campus with LifeShare for several years. She said this year, more than ever, donors are needed. 

“There is a critical shortage of blood products. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many blood drives to be canceled, including one at ULM in the spring. This is an opportunity for Warhawks to step up and give the one thing we all need, lifesaving blood,” said Wisenor. “Think about if you or your child, spouse, partner, mother, father, or a family member needed blood, and there were no units available. Your donation could save the life of someone you love.”

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