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The Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Bureau launched a new destination brand for Ouachita Parish on Thursday, May 28 via a livestream event on Facebook. 

“We are excited to showcase this new brand for our community,” CVB President/CEO Alana Cooper said. “Through much research and creative development, we, along with our agency, have created a brand that we feel embodies the spirit of the Monroe-West Monroe Community.”

Discover Monroe-West Monroe began this project nearly one year ago. Working with the branding agency Rhyme & Reason Design (R&R), they utilized previous research studies and conducted new research through focus group with locals, community leaders, and tourism industry partners to gather information about Monroe-West Monroe. Surveys completed by area visitors also offered insight into the story this new brand would tell.

Key findings from the research indicated that the previous brand did not tell the story of our area and the need for a new brand that did. Focus group participants wanted a brand that showcased the culture and diversity of the community and the ingenuity and creativity of our people.

“The goal from the onset of this rebranding effort was to genuinely tell Monroe-West Monroe’s story through the lens of the community,” said Scarlett Rosier, R&R’s Co-founder & Director of Operations. “We listened intently to constituents in an effort to develop a brand that would create connection, while also encouraging exploration. Through the visual experience and the tone of the messaging, we worked to capture the essence of the cities — the shared culture, the rich cuisine, the entrepreneurial spirit, the natural resources, the eclectic experiences and most importantly, the warmth of its residents.”

R&R created a unique logomark and ensured that each letter design choice had meaning. According to their description, “Each letter design has meaning—the stencil represents industrial roots, the radiating lines reflect ripples of water and the marquis dots shine a light on entertainment. Standing alone, the letters depict one chapter, but together, they are able to tell the full story.”

“Our new logo tells our shared story by bridging Monroe-West Monroe together in an eclectic and vibrant way,” VP of Communications Sheila Snow said. “This new palette reflects that we are tranquil, friendly, visionary and vibrant.”

The tagline, “Outside the Lines”, represents our area’s ability to think differently. It also helps to diminish the line between our two cities and encourages Ouachita Parish residents to work together.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Discover Monroe-West Monroe had to think “outside the lines” when launching the brand. Unable to host a large public event, the new destination brand was launched virtually through Facebook live.

“Our plans, like everyone’s, had to change,” Cooper said. “Rather than postponing the launch to host a large event, we decided that launching now offered us the opportunity to rebuild our tourism impact after this pandemic with a great impression and bold new look.” 

A new ad campaign showcases the ways locals and visitors experience Monroe-West Monroe outside the lines with unique dining, outdoor adventure, and more.

“As we look ahead to the future, travel is one of the strongest antidotes” Rosier said. “It offers hope, brings joy and impacts lives and livelihoods. By establishing a destination brand, we’re adding to the antidote, we’re ensuring the livelihoods of Monroe-West Monroe residents and enriching the lives of visitors. And this brand is encouraging everyone to discover more at home and down the road.

Discover Monroe-West Monroe is excited to see the public engage with their new brand through a personality quiz that will determine your “Outside the Lines” personality. By answering a few questions, you’ll discover whether you are the Tranquil Bayou, Friendly Waves, Visionary Skies, or Vibrant Blaze.

“This personality quiz showcases the different facets of our brand identity,” said Jerrica Bennett, Website and Social Media Manager for Discover Monroe-West Monroe and creator of the quiz. “Each personality represents a characteristic of our people, culture and story.”

After completing the quiz and learning your type, a personalized itinerary will be delivered to your inbox to get you started discovering Monroe-West Monroe.

Plans are underway for continued experiences and “outside the line” events, including a photo scavenger hunt. For more information, visit

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