Louisiana Delta Community College in Monroe unveiled the HOT unit, or the Hot Process Operations Training Unit Trainer, last week as part of the college’s industrial plant training programs.

The HOT unit is an industrial unit, complete with equipment such as valves, instrumentation and pipes. It comes equipped with a DSC (distributed control system) control room. The unit can simulate problems that arise in industrial plants. From the DSC control room, operators (students) can troubleshoot problems in real-time, just as they would on the job in an actual industrial plant.

“One of our goals at LDCC is to teach current technologies and to engage students in hand-on training to prepare them for bright and exciting careers,” said W. Dennis Epps, Chancellor of Louisiana Delta Community College. “The investment before us today represents strong partnerships with contributions from Graphic Packaging, and with the continued support of Angus Chemical and other tried and true employers who have been a continued part of LDCC’s efforts to build a world class manufacturing workforce.”

The HOT Unit is a $456,000 public-private venture that was funded by LCTCS (Louisiana Community and Technical College System) Rapid Funds and matching funds from Graphics Packaging, International, LLC.

It is the only method of the kind in technical industrial training which includes the use of custom simulation to depict real full size working hardware with the custom process module on classroom screens, the workbooks to integrate the lessons performed on the actual skid, the virtual training environment to add pictures and video of related learning and finally, the virtual field operator to allow the student to move about the simulated HOT skid environment using QR codes to become familiar with the units tanks, piping, pumps, valves and equipment prior to boarding the training platform.

“I would also add that the unit we are celebrating today contributes substantially to our capabilities in all of the advanced technology fields and greatly augments the investment by the I-20 development board, the Ouachita Economic Development Corporation and the State of Louisiana in the expansion of our advanced technology center,” Epps said. “Together, we are fulfilling the City’s ambition, our employer’s ambition and our student’s ambitions to grow our local companies and to attract strong investment in our community.”

The HOT Unit is the latest plank in the LDCC Workforce Development program. Through Workforce, the college collaborates with business and industry to give program participants the training necessary to enter and excel in the workplace. The HOT Unit is the college’s first hands-on training laboratory that is connected to a DCS control room.

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