“Start Smart: 10 Essential Learnings for Kids before They Start School” By Gloria S. Camp, retired educator and former Citizen columnist, is now available at Blessings Book Store, 110 Splane Drive, West Monroe. It will be soon be available at other sites.

Her book is for parents of pre-schoolers, grandparents, daycare workers, and pre-K teachers.

As a columnist for The Citizen, Camp wrote about the early, early education needed by children during the birth to school period. She concluded that too many children start kindergarten with serious cracks in their foundational development and are not ready to learn.

These cracks can be prevented or repaired after they occur. Foundational development includes the teaching of behaviors and attitudes, readiness skills, values and virtues.

Start Smart is a guidebook including 10 learnings she deems to be essential in getting preschoolers ready for school. These learnings have been drawn from her experience, her research, and her prior writings. When children are equipped with these necessary foundational blocks, learning problems can be minimized, failure is less likely, and the need for remedial programs and intervention strategies at school is reduced. Also, the economy and the wellbeing of the community are enhanced when young people grow up, acquire needed education and training, leave home, and become productive contributing members of society.

Her guidebook, “Start Smart: 10 Essential Learnings for Kids,” includes what to teach in preschool years, why it is important, and how to do it with sur-thrival tips for their early, early teachers.

Camp’s roles in education have included teacher, teach trainer, supervisor, administrator of a regional service agency, grant writer and consultant. She earned her M.Ed. at LSU and pursued further study at several universities. She and her husband, Henry Camp, reside in West Monroe.

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