The Wellspring’s Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator Yolanda Bias was recently named Advocate of the Year by the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault (LaFASA) at its annual reception in Baton Rouge last month.

Survivors of sexual assault and those who work to support them every day were honored at the reception.

Lisa Longenbaugh, senior director for The Wellspring and director of professional services at The Wellspring’s Counseling and Family Development Center said, “The Wellspring is committed to the pursuit of a world free of sexual violence.

“As our Primary Prevention Coordinator, Yolanda is doing the kind of work that actualizes such bold visions,” Longenbaugh said. “She brings an incredible level of commitment and determination to her work, the results of which are demonstrated in the impact on individuals and on this community. Through evidence based programs like Coaching Boys Into Men, where she partners with coaches at Neville, Rayville, Wossman, and Carroll High Schools to foster a culture of respectful intimate partner relationships and Girl’s Academy, where she works with participants to support and empower them to live their best lives, Yolanda is a fierce advocate for victims of sexual violence and our community is fortunate to have her working to make our world a better place. I am delighted that her efforts have been recognized on a state wide level.”

As the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator, Bias works with youth in our area to foster respectful and healthy relationship and social norms as well as effective bystander intervention with the goal of preventing sexual assault. She has been with The Wellspring for 5 years. During this time, she worked full-time while also earning a degree in Behavioral Health Science.

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