Dr. Pamela Saulsberry

University of Louisiana Monroe President Ronald Berry, D.B.A., announces the appointment of Pamela Higgins Saulsberry, Ph.D., LCSW-BACS, as executive director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Professor Saulsberry is the ULM College of Business and Social Sciences School of Behavioral and Social Sciences director, and coordinator of the social work program.

Saulsberry is a lifelong advocate for the concepts which the newly established office embodies.

Besides being a professor of social work, she has also been a school social worker, a child protective social worker, a juvenile justice consultant, and a local, state, and national trainer on topics including diversity. She has also served either on or as the chair of the ULM Diversity Committee since its inception. This background provides a natural progression to this position.

“As a social worker, I have been able to see firsthand what exclusion and marginalization does to individuals and society. In my life experiences, I have experienced very few people who did not want to have the opportunity to self-actualize. I don’t believe anyone wants to have their gifts, talents, and/or ambitions excluded or marginalized,” Saulsberry said.

“Historically, inclusion and equity have been the major challenge, diversity is a normal human condition. At ULM, we have the responsibility to ensure every person on this campus is treated with respect and appreciation and provided with the same opportunities,” she said.

“A university is the place to be a community leader in making inclusion and equity of human diversity the rule, not the exception. At ULM, we will look inward, outward, and forward in our efforts to address issues of being inclusive of diversity and doing so equitably.”

Berry said Saulsberry brings a wealth of professional experience and a lifetime of personal commitment to the position.

“Dr. Saulsberry understands the issues we must embrace as a university to create an inclusive environment of learning, working, and living. I know she will serve in this capacity with the same integrity which she has in the College of Business and Social Sciences for many years,” Berry said.

Saulsberry said this is a natural progression for her professional career.

“We must reshape our perceptions and realize that diversity is and has always been a natural human state; an ongoing part of our daily lives. The challenge has always been how to make inclusion and equity natural parts as well. I began my career as a social worker because I enjoyed helping people, and the dignity and worth of every person is one of the core values and speaks to diversity,” Saulsberry said.

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