Retired teachers from northeast Louisiana donated books to Boley Elementary School on Aug. 24 to replace those lost in a fire in 2019.

The group of teachers are affiliated with the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association. Becky Solley, previous president of LRTA District X, started the service project, “Books for Boley,” after Boley Elementary School caught on fire overnight. LRTA District X comprises Caldwell, Jackson, Lincoln, Morehouse, Ouachita and Union parishes.

“The state organization, LRTA, was encouraging us to work on service projects at the time,” said Solley. “After I read about Boley, I suggested to my members that we do a book drive to restock the library.”

Members of District X, along with the local Units who represent each parish in LRTA District X, were encouraged to bring books to donate at local meetings. Solley collected and retained the books until Boley Elementary School was prepared to keep the books.

“The ‘Books for Boley’ service project conducted by LRTA District X Unit Leaders and their members is evidence of the wish from our membership to support a quality education in the region and to help in a time of need,” said current LRTA District X president Dr. David Gullatt.

“I am so happy our District X LRTA members could be of some help in providing books for immediate use in the school.”

The Louisiana Retired Teachers Association is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to protecting and enhancing benefits for individuals receiving retirement benefits from the Teachers’ Retirement System of Louisiana.

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