“Bow Wow on the Bayou” was held this last Saturday. REBO & DR. DAMON BRADFORD opened their beautiful home on Lake DeSiard for a fabulous turnout and what a blast! People from all walks of life showed up to support a love for all the homeless, abused dogs and cats of North Louisiana. Mother Nature played a trick on us!

April the 7th and it was 37 degrees with cold rain, dark skies! We were a little concerned as most of the party was to be outside. I always feel bad weather days are a day that the Lord made and we will make out with a fun, cozy affair. Voila, guests turned out in beautiful winter gear! Fur coats, hats, lovely sweaters, gloves. I felt I was at a New York fall runway show.

All the amazing food was lovingly made, from the heart, and was served inside. Marsala Beverage provided a bar of just the very best. Trio’s sent a Greek Hummus, and Cheese and Pepper Quesadillas. Thurman sent Artichokes wrapped in bacon. Mike cooked eight large Pork Tenderloins and a 18-pound Pork Leg and of course I arranged it on my very large wooden platter with Hoover my big pig head, that I had frozen from a previous happening. DEBBIE & JOHN LUFFEY, Artichoke Souffle. SATCHIE made a beautiful big Strawberry Cheese Ring. BOBBY CRAIGHEAD grilled 20 pounds of the best sausage, monster platters of Fried Chicken Wings and Legs, MINNY MOORE’S famous Shrimp Tortellini, and WENDY GRAY’S Chicken Salad, so good it disappeared before you knew it! NANCY ADAMS’ Shrimp Dip and Newk’s, just to name a few.

VICTORIA SEXTON from First National Bank, organized the event. First National spent two days bringing chairs, tables, ice chests, heaters and so on and also provided a photo booth. JOAN COOPER HAMPTON is the brainchild of SOS, Save Our Shelter Pets of Ouachita. I could go on and on. Rooms were filled with all kinds of good items to buy or bid on. Down on the boat dock the band… CODE BLUE & THE FLAT LINERS have come into their own, they are fabulous! One song is better than the next. The band DR. WALTER SARTOR Vocalist & Guitar; JEFF HICKS, Bass; DR. RON ELLIS, Harmonica & Vocal; DR. LOU GAVIOLI, Rhythm & Guitar; TOBY TRAYLOR, Guitar & Vocal; Dr. Charles Morgan, Keyboard;KEITH JOYNER, Trumpet; and the 28th King of Janus, SCOTT NETTLES, Drums. What a production, an electrician, JOHNNY CASCIO, a sound man, I thought George Strait’s band was there. The band was down on the dock with heaters and such and Johnny Cascio made sure all was working on this crowded dock. Guests were enjoying dancing and listening when all of a sudden we heard a huge splash. Lo, Johnny Cascio fell in the bayou and he was dressed in a very heavy canvas suit. The band could not find him in the dark, cold bayou waters. Finally with the love of the Christ and prayers, a hand appeared from under the float boat. After a very warm shower, a big pot of hot strong coffee and thanks to Dr. Bradford, a warm up suit our friend Johnny is going to be with us next year at BOW WOW ON THE BAYOU! Next year you have got to come and warm yourself twice. Support SOS and have a ball! A two for one!

If anybody has any pull with the city of Monroe, there are a couple tire shops on Louisville Avenue that are a mess! Also on Pine Street, the recycle paper warehouses are packed. If a tornado comes down Pine Street, which it has several times, and it is a direct hit we will then be the city with the most litter, the No. 1 most dangerous city and we have a big problem with shoplifting! Wake up America! I still love Monroe and think we have one of the most special communities around. I’m just so happy I am not in command! Good luck to our leaders. If I can help call!

The University of Louisiana Monroe’s WARHAWK CLUB, will hold the annual Night of Champions on Thursday, May 3, 2018. Mark your Calendars!! For more information, call (318) 342-3579.

Be kind to all and I look forward to the next time.


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