Can you believe school is just around the corner! This summer has just flown by! Mike and I stayed pretty close to home all summer. We tended our beautiful garden of peppers of all kinds — jalapeños, bell, my favorite, hot banana — plus tomatoes, wild garlic, eggplant and more. There was plenty to do … watering, weeding and the most fun was gathering, cooking and sharing.

Now on to the next happening in this wonderful old world. You know Mike retired from the Urology Clinic six years ago. That very afternoon St. Francis hired him as a hospitalist. It has been a good ride for both of us. Mike loves what he does, helping his patients, visiting with his colleagues and does not have all the hassle of running an office. Most of the time, he is off to work around 8:30 in the morning, and he is home by early afternoon. I promise this last month, I thought maybe he had a girlfriend. He was leaving home early in the morning and coming home late in the afternoon. Hmmmm! St. Francis had the busiest July in the last two years.


We did take off for a long weekend in July and flew Colorado to our best friends’ — CAROL & BOB CUDD —grandson’s wedding. Good old American Airlines… We got to the Monroe Airport, an hour and half early, got our boarding passes, and went through security. We waited and waited. The plane from Dallas was late but we were still fine with our connection in Dallas. The plane arrived and after we boarded, we waited and waited more. There were mechanical problems and after an hour the flight was cancelled. We regrouped, booked for the next morning and headed home. Saturday morning we went through the same routine. All was good and the best part was we flew out with GEORGE DEAN. We had so much fun visiting, telling old stories and being treated to Uber coming and going to the Denver Airport.

Saturday evening Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Mrs. Leslie Cudd Hale request your company for a Rehearsal Dinner on the eve of the marriage of ALLISON SCHAIBERGER & ROBERT GRIFFIN HALE. Saturday, at 6:30 pm Mount Vernon Canyon Club outside Golden, Colorado.

Amazing view, beautiful flowers and so much fun seeing old friends, CONNIE & NAT TROY, ANNIE & BILL BROWN, ANNE KAPLAN & beautiful daughter BETH, JUDY & MIKE MYERS, LINDA & MICHAEL MILLER, AMANDA & JEFF STURMER, BLAIR & TREY NEYLOR …My favorite treat was seeing all the Cudds’ beautiful grandchildren… GRIFFIN, HILLARY, THOMAS, KATE, LILLY, PETER, JACK, CHARLIE, WILL & CAROLINE. Sunday evening the wedding was at the Manor House in Littleton, Colo. Dinner and dancing and a very special gift from the gods of Colorado: just before the ceremony, the most wonderful, Drysdale like, cool rain, a soft light fog over the mountains, a gentle breeze that the Aspen leaves were dancing to. It was truly magical. At the special ending of the ceremony, “I now pronounce you Man & Wife” … an amazing double rainbow appeared in the high arched windows of Manor Home, right in front of the bride and groom!


School days, school days, dear old dear school days. Four old Neville High School boys were drinking coffee early one recent morning at McDonald’s. The 1957 men’s basketball at Neville won the FIRST STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Recently four members of that team, RONNIE McNABB, TERRY GANNAWAY, WILLIE REGAN and BOB GROVES went to Morristown, Tenn., to have a mini reunion with the coach of that team. The coach, HERSHAL L. McCONATHY, led that team and was named State AA Coach of the year. The 1957 team only lost four games during the season and beat their arch rival Jonesboro-Hodge in the championship game, 62-58. While visiting with Coach Mc and his wife, Bettye, many stories about the glory year of 1957 were discussed. Coach McConathy’s high standard of excellence, set forth in a player-coach relationship, have been instrumental in the success achieved by those fortunate enough to have played for him, according to the four former players. Willie, shared with me and maybe Ronnie too, how much Coach GEORGE DAVIS influenced them and so many young boys to strive to do their very best. What was that movie, “A Few Good Men”?

Looking back, I remember that I loved my physical education teacher Miss BABS LEE; home economics, Daisy Daniels and Dorothy Johnson; Louisiana history, Coach George Davis; and math, Dr. Edward Cascio, (I had Coach Van Leigh for a while and I liked him, but he could not get through to me. All I got was zeros!)

Enjoy all this wonderful hot weather, drink lots of water, be kind to all. Fall is on the way!


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