Brrr it is cold! Mister, turn up the heat! Do you just not love this amazing winter weather? One of the best things is that it never lasts too long. We are so lucky to have the perfect changes of seasons. Well, maybe it is a little hot in our long summer season, especially August and September, but we know Fall is on the way! Beautiful full moons, magical sunrises, winter day wishes to SALLY HINES, JIM & NELSIE BERSHEN, BETTY & JOEY BALES (“Dream Catcher” the story of Betty’s brother Tommy Spinks, Louisiana Tech, Football Hall Fame and best friend, Terry Bradshaw, really a happy wonderful read. You will enjoy!), SANDY & CHUCK CASTEEL, DIANE SMITH, KAY & HUGH McDONALD, LORETTA RIVERS, JAN & MIKE CLAY, BARBARA TRASHER, MARTHA & HAROLD WOODS, FRANCIS & CURT KENNEDY (Thank you for you lovely letter, it is one I will save and treasure.)

CINDY & DENNIS ROGERS, ALISE & MAC OLIVER, KATHY SCHENDLE, JANE & DR. DAVID HEBERT, VIRGINIA & CLINE CROW, JO & JIM POPHAM, the Interim Rectors at the most beautiful old church in Monroe, Grace Episcopal, a real inspiring, uplifting message, welcome home…CHARLIE RISIEN, VICKI & JOHN ROBINSON, ADELE RANSOM.


I woke up at 2 a.m. with a wonderful, workable, doable idea! I rolled Mike over, very gently, to tell him of this vision… The medians or boulevards on Forsythe Avenue, from North 6th to 18th Street. As the old song goes, “Mama Tried, Mama Tried…” The Monroe Beautification group truly tried to do something wonderful on Forsythe between North 6th and North 18th … they planted lovely big Red Bud Trees in the medians. If this had worked it would have been something to behold. The city really tried, they watered, pruned, mowed, but with the force of firetrucks, big trucks, cars, ambulances, it just did not work...looks like an old snaggletooth man! Why not take our all those random sad looking trees and bushes and plant thousands of Daffodils, the bright yellow flowers with long trumpet shaped centers that come back every spring and multiply like crazy? How beautiful would that be and how easy to take care of! I called the city and told them of this plan…. and felt like we could figure a way to finance this venture… they are behind us all the way and will help maintain and care for them!

Would not this be the perfect project for the MONROE GARDEN CLUB…. We have plenty of money that is to be spent in our community. What a great beautiful lasting legacy for this very old garden club — thousands of beautiful yellow happy Daffodils for generations to come, to enjoy a true gift from God! One more good thought, this would almost be maintenance-free project.

This project and the Monroe Garden Club reminds me of the “Parable of the talents” The master has three servants… to the three servants was worth eight talents, where a talent was worth a significant amount of money. The first and second servants explained that they each had put their talent to work and have doubled the value which they were trusted; each servant was rewarded: His master said to him, “Well done good and faithful servant…..the other one buried his and did nothing… hording…

It is time for the Garden Club to spend some of this 1-percent interest saving account money where it was supposed to be used — for the community. Let’s not horde our money. Let’s be good and faithful servants of our beloved community!


Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, WENDY KING GRAY, DR. WALTER SARTOR, VIRGINIA DESHOTEL, NANCY INABNETT, SHERMAN SHAW, CLAIRE LaROSE, GEORGE SNELLINGS and JOE MONTGOMERY. I love birthdays … so much fun and so special for all celebrating!


Stay warm, be kind to all and I look forward to next time!


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