Dianne Cage

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and to do the job at hand. Unbeatable determination.” Harry S. Truman….. My Country tis of Thee, sweet land of Liberty of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims’ pride, From every mountain side Let Freedom ring.

While a constitution may set forth RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, only the citizens can maintain and guarantee those freedoms ACTIVE & INFORMED CITIZENSHIP…is not just a right … IT IS A DUTY…. Ronald Reagan. My brother-in-law JOE CAGE a Neville great and his first job, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as United States Attorney… How about them apples?

The tragic happenings last week at Planet Fitness, on Lamy Lane, here in Monroe. That was not the first time! Why in the world was this not reported before? WAKE UP AMERICA! Wonder how many handguns have been sold in this area lately? I have plenty of guns but something like this monster, evil happening makes you want more. How about a Ruger 38 special? There are all kinds of shooting classes, concealed carry classes, firearm safety and just being aware of your surroundings. Easy, safe shooting.

Cryptoquote... The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.

Pass it on the Figs are ready… Have to get up early to beat the birds to them… Really there are plenty to share with all of God’s creatures.

Maybe 38 or 40 years ago… Pargoud Boulevard got together, chipped in and landscaped their Boulevard with Crape Myrtles…. I thought what a great idea! I was living on Country Club Road at the time and Bob Powell, my good friend, was mayor. I talk to Bob to see if I raised the money for Crape Myrtles to line the levy side and Phillips Lake side of Country Club, would the city help me plant and care for them… Absolutely and he turned me over to Earl Donavan, the City Planner. Whee, I am so excited! Satchie, my daughter, maybe 10 at the time, with her new Mo Ped, flyers in hand reading… “Lets make Country Club prettier than Pargoud Boulevard with an avenue of flowering trees creating a canopy of summertime watermelon pink blooming trees! We will need at least $25 from each home on Country Club, Lakeside Drive and a few on Island Drive. Mayor Powell has given us his blessings and has volunteered the city’s service in planting and maintaining. Won’t you please help us?”

With old Charlie, our mutt dog, following close behind, me on the back, Satchie driving…they were all delivered! It is amazing to live long enough to see this dream come true. This would not be if everyone had not helped. During the very hot months we had neighbors taking buckets of water, for the small young trees. Today ride down Country Club. It is truly beautiful! I moved on, but with the work and spirit of ANN & JOE LEDOUX, whom have carried on and kept the old Crapes pruned and tended to, the magic of all coming together to make this old world a more beautiful place to live. Be sure and ride down Country Club Road… We beat Pargoud Boulevard!

Thinking of this, Monroe Garden Club, let’s all come together and save the dream that Anna Gray Noe had so many years ago.. the planting of the Oleander’s on Riverside Drive, across from Forsythe Park. I truly think the City has tried their best to maintain this old row of beauty. They need our help. This Monroe Garden Club has plenty of money… let’s hire a good lawn service for twice a year, early spring, clean out all the weeds under and Round up under each. Then in August or early September, after blooming, prune and shape to give any new growth time to harden off before winter. Would that not be a wonderful project for the MGC…I would love to head this up, CINDY ROGERS said she would help and our wonderful new President ALISE OLIVER, as in MAC, is so enthusiastic, smart and fun… I bet she will help push this through and make a grand happening for our community!

A summer time must…PANZANELLA

Happy Fourth of July! Have a fun, popping, safe weekend!


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