June 6, 1944... D-Day! The Normandy landings were the landing operation, on this famous day, of the Allied invasion in operation Overlord during World War II. Code name Operation Neptune. This was the largest seaborne invasion in history. This operation began the liberation of German-occupied northwestern Europe from Nazi control and laid the foundations of the Allied victory on the Western Front.

The WWII museum in New Orleans is a great place to visit. It brings all this war history to a circle of understanding. As someone said “War is Insane” and another saying from an old veteran: “ I never met an atheist in the fox hole.” As Mike Cage said, man has been fighting since the beginning of time. Human nature is to want what the other man has and will take by force. The way to have peace is to prepare for war. Be the most powerful. If it were not for this great country, we could all be speaking German. Honor our veterans! Makes you proud to be an American! We should write a song about that!


Close friends and family honored JULIE MONTGOMERY & DR. JOSH FRENANDES at the lovely home of PATSY & LARRY JONES with a truly beautiful southern announcement party. The evening was magical with a star studded sky and a soft cool southern breeze meandering around the gardens and pool. Seen having a grand time were WENDY & DR. REL GRAY, NANCY & ALLEN WILLIAMS, JEAN & OWEN MOSES, VICKEY & BILLY HUSTED, CAROLE & TEX KILPARTICK, JAN & RALPH BROCKMAN, DAPHNE & DICKEY CULPEPPER, SARA & VIRGINIA DESHOTEL, SATCHIE & KATHERINE GODFREY, MARION & TOMMY ZENTNER, JAYNE & BOBBY GREEN, NELL & BOB SEEGERS JEWEL & TOM KING, THE LAUDENHEIMER, JOANN & HAROLD WILSON, REBO & DR. DAMON BRADFORD, JENNY & JOE KING MONTGOMERY and many many more! A grand time was had by all.


North Louisiana, the beautiful, talented Miss Caroline Counts, is our very own, LSU GOLDEN GIRL. Congratulations! We will enjoy watching you perform at Tiger Stadium! Caroline is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Counts and the granddaughter of Joyce & Jimmy Files.

Congratulations to the JOE HOLYFIELD Group, named 2018 Thomas H. Scott Award winner. The best of the best! I call Joe “Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarotti. Everything he touches turns into a masterpiece. He has truly made Monroe a more beautiful place to live. By the way his Saturday Market is open now on Tower Drive. Do not miss!
It has best peaches, cucumbers, friendly people, lots of smiling faces and it is just fun and a good way to start your day off!

If you have not been to the new SONNY PANZICO’S GARDEN MART run, run, run, as fast as you can! Beautiful plants and flowers, outdoor kitchens, lovely outdoor furniture… they have it all!

Quick, Quick, you have got to grab your Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, Children, Friends, Neighbors, sorry you will have to leave the dogs at home, and have lunch at BUTTER, A Louisiana Bakery with gluten-free options. This wonderful bakery was opened as a home-based business in 2015 by CHARITY & ADAM JONES. As Dr. Gary Jones, father-in-law, renovated the lobby of Vantage Tower, it was soon clear the grand lobby was the perfect place for this amazing bakery. You can have a delightful lunch there or a good cup of coffee and some mighty fine desserts and pastries.

“Spirit of Excellence” The University of Louisiana at Monroe. So proud! A new kid on the block. The School of OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE is in the near future and will be built in the Grove, hoping to open the first class in 2020…Thank you Linda and Dr. Nick Bruno for all you have done for our beloved University! P.S. Where in the world will BUDDY EMBANATO & RANDY PRUITT do their cooking and tailgating?

Barbara Bush’s time on this Earth. I just love the pearls of wisdom she left to all of us. No. 1 — You do not need to color your hair. No. 2 — Get yourself some smile wrinkles. No. 3 — The only to stay married for 73 years is to touch & laugh. No. 4 — my favorite — The only way to decrease the fear of death is to increase your belief in heaven.

“We think of religious beliefs as just ideas we hold in our mind and this is true but not true enough. Religious beliefs change the way we live by bringing hope in the face of our fear of death.”

I always heard, if ever you had a chance to sit by Barbara Bush at a dinner party, jump! She was so much fun! Barbara Bush will be missed. “Happy memories last forever.”

Enjoy the long hot summer, feed the fish, be sweet and love your God! I look forward to the next time!


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