Can you believe that the first day of Summer is June 21? With as cool as it was in April and as hot as it is these last two months, either El Niño or Jesus is coming!

Speaking of Jesus, we happened to see, somewhere on the news or 60 Minutes a story on Jesse Duplantis, the charismatic Christian minister based in Louisiana and Kenneth Copeland. Two peas in a pod! Duplantis is strongly identified with preaching a prosperity and abundance message. He flies around in $58,000,000 Gulfstream Jets. He said Jesus told him to! OBSCENE!

“O God, when I have food, help me to remember the hungry;

When I have work help me to remember the jobless;

When I have a warm home, help me to remember the homeless;

When I am without pain help me to remember those who suffer;

And remembering, help me to destroy my complacency and bestir my compassion.

Make me concerned enough to help, by word and deed, those who cry out for what we take for granted.”…. Samuel F. Pugh


A beautiful retirement reception honoring DR. PEYTON R. HALL, DR. DELLIE H. CLARK & DR. GWENN V. JACKSON was held at the Bayou DeSiard Country Club. Wishing all a good ride into the sunset were so many friends and colleagues. Visiting and having a grand time were beautiful BEVERLY & DR. DAVID BRYAN, JUDY & DR. DON MARX. BARBARA & DAVE CATTAR, DR. AMBER & CLAY SHEMWELL, ANN COOKSEY, LINDA & DR. WHITE GRAVES, and so many more!


Everyone’s favorite, DR. LARRY DANNA and his friends came together to honor his lovely daughter, MALLORY, bride elect of SONNY ADAMS, with a fabulous engagement celebration at the enchanting Bayou DeSiard Country Club. Joining in to celebrate with fabulous food, wonderful music, flowers, that Dr. Delphian 0f Dallas, would be jealous of, were, seem mingling in the crowd, the dashing RON ALEXANDER, TERRY & ROY ARTHUR, STEWART EWING, MARGARET BARKER, JENNIFER & JODY CAIN, GAYLE & JOHN SHEPARD, BRENDA & CHARLES MARSALA, JULIE & DEWEY WEAVER, PAT & DR. RONNIE WOOD, GINNY & DR. REY YATCO, ALISE & MAC OLIVER, TRACEY & DOUG NORMAN, PAM & SCOTT CUMMINS, GUY CAMPBELL, ANNE & ELTON KENNEDY, LANNA & DR. RICKY CAPLES, DENISE & RANDY SMITH, JEANNE & STEVE TAYLOR, SHEILA & DON DIXON, STEPHANIE & DR. TIM MICKEL , KELLY & PAUL COBURN, MANDY MARSALA PRUITT, HARRYETTE & RAYMOND WINN and so many more smiling, laughing happy faces…all having a grand time!


If any of you old girls would like a boyfriend or just a companion, hang out at an upscale grocery store. In other words, not Walmart. Colonel John Michael Cage loves to shop at Barksdale Air Force Base ... he is master of the game. After about an hour of shopping, I lose interest and look for something to do, like finding a table in the Deli and reading a magazine, playing with myiPhone, or just helping some lost soul find something, like chocolate syrup. This really old looking man, maybe 88 or 90, asked me if I knew where the Hershey’s Chocolate syrup was. I told him I did not know but maybe it would be over by the cake mixes. Going on about my business, I passed by the chocolate syrup. Several aisles away, I spotted the old man, still looking. I got his attention and waved him my way. He seemed so excited to finally locate this syrup. He thanked me and asked if I had a minute. Mike was just on the third aisle with 10 more to go, so I said sure. He said he was retired and had given his ranch in South Texas, fishing boat and camp in Port Aransas to his children. He had been in the CIA, had met President John Kennedy, was assigned to Jackie Kennedy & her sister Lee Radziwill when they were guest on Aristotle Onassis’ yacht. He had sparkling eyes and a darling personality, and was fun to talk to. He said all the men were in love with Jackie and Lee. He then asked if I would like some companionship? I said, well how much money do you have? He then asked me if I had ever been married. I said yes, four times and only one is alive, now!

The next one sat down next to me at the deli as I was sipping my diet coke and playing with my phone… Told me he had had a heat stroke and was at one time based in Belgium and head of the fire department. He then asked if I had any hobbies and how often did I come to Barksdale. Thank goodness Mike rounded the corner with $350 worth of groceries, no tax!

Be sure and visit our amazing local FARMER’S MARKETS.

Be kind to all and drink plenty of water!


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