Good Friday: Jesus’ death on the cross. Many people celebrate the crucifixion and death on the cross with sadness, fasting, flying kites that symbolize the cross that Jesus died on, as well as his ascension into heaven.

When I was growing up, being Methodist, we dyed Easter Eggs, got a new hat, white gloves, a fancy new dress, green and pink baby chicks, baby ducks and always a bunny. Easter morning there was always a big beautiful Easter Basket filled with candy and small gifts at the foot of our beds. On to church with beautiful Easter singing and music.

Then, to my grandmother’s for a big Egg Hunt and a seated family dinner with Ham, Potato Salad, deviled eggs, fresh green beans, hot homemade rolls, with Mayhaw Jelly and of course Fresh Coconut Cake. Somehow in the late afternoon, there always seemed to be a big egg fight with the King boys, my brother Tom, cousins, Ronnie, Rickey, Donnie and Johnnie. How in the world could that have happened?

That was a very long time ago but that is what I remember: This Palm Sunday, brought tears to my eyes. The Easter Cantata, “Wondrous Love” at St. Paul’s Methodist. Conductor Dr. John Petzet and the orchestra were truly amazing.


What an honor, what a treat! God is good, God is Great! Our Texas family, our granddaughter Mary Amanda Wied is marrying Mr. JR Theiss, a Texas A&M Aggie kind of guy, this April 28th. Living, working, nursing in Houston. Let’s have a bridesmaid/shower, brunch/lunch in Houston! First thing I did was call my niece MARIE LOUISE INABNETT KINDER to ask where would be a good fun place, She suggested several, including The Junior League Tea Room. Then I called my best friend, from Georgia Tucker to Neville High School days, SYDNEY GREENBLATT, who has been living in Houston for the past 50 years. Where would be a good place to honor our beloved, beautiful granddaughter and could I stay with her. She also said the Junior League of Houston Tea Room, and that, of course, I could stay with her in her fabulous new12th-floor condo on Holcombe Boulevard overlooking the bayou, the zoo, and golf course, right in the heart of the medical center!

Then I called my other San Antonio, Texas, connection: CHARLIE RISIEN… some may remember her as she grew up in Monroe, part of her early life and was the niece of the Mildred & Ernest Marchman. Charlie has been in Texas for the last 40 years or so. I called her up and told her, “you have got to come help me with this bridal luncheon, with a guest list of 28. Let’s get started.” Walking into the Houston Junior League Tea Room was like walking into big rich Texas. It was magnificent! With the staff and the League Ladies, I felt like I was in JUNE McHENRY’S, MARIE LOUISE SNELLINGS’, CAMILLE WOOD’S and JACKIE WOODS’ home all rolled into one. Before I could think of something, it was done. We started in the huge warm dining room, 14-foot ceiling, looking out over a garden with fountains and Azalea, with their clusters of brightly fragrant flowers in full bloom. The mood was set! Lovely Mimosas and Bloody Marys were served as guests made their way to a banquet table for 28 with small gift jars of Louisiana Pepper Jelly with Mary Amanda & JR’s picture on the top, surrounded with lots of curly white ribbon. I thought MARILYN IRBY and JULIA CHILD must be in the kitchen! Spinach/Crepes, broiled Tomato, fresh Asparagus and an amazing baskets of rolls and breads were passed… Dessert was a work of art and just as delicious: Strawberry Shortcake, a truly beautiful tower of homemade sponge cake, whipping cream and strawberries kissed by the angels! After, we were moved to a magnificent living room, where the gifts were arranged for the bride-to-be to open. I have never been served or treated so wonderfully. We were all in awe. We have two more granddaughters living in Houston. I sure hope I get to plan a wedding festivity in this beautiful home.


If you do not have a REBECCA VIZARD for B. VIZ DESIGN, you are way out of the loop! Our very own Rebecca Watson Vizard, hailing from St. Joseph, travels the world in search of wonderful old fabrics and religious relics She brings them home to North Louisiana and creates the most amazing pillows and such. The Lamballe Fortuny pillows are my favorite. Her creations are on, at one time or the other, in House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, Veranda and every major design book you can imagine. Becky spoke at the Monroe Garden Club and we all fell in love with her and her work. Her designs can be found at Material Things and Parterre here in Monroe or you can get in touch with her at It adds that look that you are looking for! You are in for a treat!

Coming up on April 6, the 28th Annual Biedenharn Museum Garden Symposium: do not miss, it is going to be wonderful! For more information, call 387-5281. I love the Museum Gift Shop — good, happy shopping!

Do not forget BOW WOW ON THE BAYOU. You can expect lots of fun and surprises for a great cause! We might even have a REBECCA VIZARD Fortuny Dog Collar for a chance to win. As they say the food is going to be only the very best. April 7th on the Bayou. Wheeee!

Happy Easter and be kind to all!


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