March, March, the month of March…spring is on the way!! St. Patrick’s Day… Leprechauns find pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Daylight Savings Time: I just read in “The Week” they are thinking about doing away with it. I like it because it gives us more time to enjoy the day. But whatever, I’m easy!

Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times by his Senators in 44 BC. “Beware of the Ides of March” was made famous by William Shakespeare in his 1599 play about the Roman emperor’s death. Shortly before his assassination, a soothsayer came to Caesar, warning of impending danger and doom. I remember when President John Kennedy was warned not to go to Dallas. I vaguely remember, so many years ago, over at Marie Louise & George Snellings home, on Country Club Road, there was a big dinner party for some high powered Republicans from Texas,. It was about the time Barry Goldwater was running, I think. Discussing politics, one said if John Kennedy ever goes to Texas, he is a dead man. Lyndon Johnson will take care of him. Who knows? Just another theory!


Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you MARGARET ANN KING. You are as beautiful, kind, sweet and smart as the first time I met you so many years ago. What a lovely party JAN CLAY held for you. It was so much fun seeing so many old friends and enjoying the fabulous, amazing home of the Clays. GEORGIA DIANNE SNELLINGS just turned 13. Her name was accidentally left off the St. Paul’s Epistle announcements. she said “Gran, can you believe I have been going to this church for thirteen years and they left my name out!” The next Sunday, she was specially remembered! PAT ANDERSON just celebrated 80 and has a new book around the corner, “PAPPY’S PROVERBS: One Louisiana Man’s Opinion.” I can’t wait! My friend KAYDELL JACKSON & I are going to have a late afternoon book signing for this much anticipated read! You will all be invited. Happy Anniversary, 18 years, to JANELLE & GEORGE SNELLINGS, March 17th. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday!

What a magical happening: family and close friends arrived in New Orleans this last weekend by boat, airplane, car and train from New York, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Florida and Louisiana for the wedding of Leslie Cudd Hale and Bryan Smith. The Big Easy had a special feeling of something wonderful, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and the weather was sort of like being in a cool Drysdale painting and meandering on into a Monet/Van Gogh starry, starry night. Friday night guests gathered at the fabulous French Quarter home of the bride’s parents, CAROL & BOB CUDD, for cocktails, meeting and greeting. Saturday late afternoon on to CUDD HALL on the Tulane campus for flowers, violins, wedding vows, champagne and cheese straws. Then we were whisked away on beautiful buses to an amazing dinner dancing reception at the Audubon Clubhouse. It was truly magical. The very best to MR. & MRS BRYAN DOUGLAS SMITH!


An engagement celebration honoring JULIE ZAMBIE & ALAN WILLIAMS was held at the home of Mark Anderson on Point Drive. AINSLEY ANDERSON HERLEVIC orchestrated this most wonderful happening. A perfect evening with amazing flowers and fabulous food. All the best to this beautiful couple!


It is always fun to run into friends in strange places while traveling. We were in Birmingham last week, having an early dinner at Frank Stitt’s, James Beard award restaurant in Highland Village. We were seated at the front of this famous restaurant in the front window. As I was taking my first sip of my Gray Goose Martini, I look up and my friend MARSHA NEELEY from Ruston is waving and smiling. I was so thankful I was with my husband and not that old crazy boyfriend! One never knows whom they are going to run into … you better be careful! Just kidding!

Speaking of running into friends… as we were leaving for Shanghai several weeks ago we had the best visit at the Monroe airport with GUSS & DR. JANE MICKEY CAMPBELL & CARLA AND WALLACE HARDY who were heading to Taladago, Florida to the speedway race. As an extra special treat, up walked U.S. Rep. RALPH ABRAHAM.

Take care, be kind to all and lets live by faith, word and deed. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Look forward to the next time!


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