Summer is here…. The long hot summer! Get up early, enjoy the fresh new day. I try and get all my rat killing done early and close it down until late afternoon, after it has cooled down a bit. One of my favorite things about early summer are the Daylilies, the flowering plant in the genus Hemerocallis. I love knowing the species and the genus and knowing how to pronounce them correctly ... it makes you feel real smart. I don’t know many but I know a few, so watch out!

Daylilies are rugged, adaptable, vigorous, perennials that endure in a garden for many years with little or no care. I love dividing and sharing with family and friends. Many years ago — maybe 26 — Mike’s daughter Laura Cage married Jesse Wied in Austin, Texas. That particular weekend, so many years ago, The Daylily Society was having a festival in the park. Mike and I were on a walk that afternoon, passing all the booths and stalls of beautiful lilies. One in particular caught my fancy... “Queen of the Night” this beautiful large lemon yellow cream flower. I just had to have one. Mike had left his billfold at the hotel, he had maybe $2 in his pocket. The nice man felt sorry for me and let us have this $25 prize Lily for the change in our pocket. Over the years, it has been my favorite and I have many. This past April, our granddaughter MARY AMANDA WIED married at the family ranch in Comfort, Texas… I had shared with the Wieds this Lily that we had gotten so many years ago, at their wedding. Guess what was blooming at the ranch, the night of Mary Amanda & JR’s wedding? It was the “Queen of the Night!” A daylily is the perfect gift that is easy to share, it seems to go on and on.

What a busy time May is, with graduations, dance recitals, piano recitals, field trips, honor banquets, special awards and more! LAYNE FINCHER, granddaughter of CAROLE & TEX KILPATRICK, graduated from LSU this May in three years with a 4.009 GPA. She received a B.A. in Accounting and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She was a University Medalist, which is the highest academic achievement award one can receive at LSU. She received the LSU Accounting Faculty, outstanding Student Award and Scholarship.

Neville Alumni & Friends Associates (NAFA) proudly presented 2018 Neville graduates with 28 scholarships totaling over $40,000 through the generousity of Neville Alumni Friends. If you would like to join call NAFA, (318)387-5700. You will be welcomed to become involved. Do not forget about the Tiger Golf Scramble this weekend that supports this scholarship fund. For more information call, everyone’s favorite, PAT ANDERSON at (318) 348-6173.

Extra, extra, read all about it … ORIGIN BANK went public. Our very own North Louisiana boys rang the bell in New York City. To usher in the public offering of Origin stock….

The nicest young man I have met … JOHN MILLER. Several months ago, I was flying to Dallas from here and had the good luck to sit next to him. Visiting, he knew my son George Snellings and other friend. He was heading to Los Angeles, Calif., to meet with a big group promoting his very own X-TREME PH Sports Water. It is not just water… The answer is simple: High Alkaline 9+pH, Plant-Derived, Mineral Electrolytes, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Low Total Dissolved Solids. Great Taste! With no dyes, no sugars, no caffeine, no sweeteners, no artificial flavorings. X-TREME PH Sports Water! I have run into John several times around town and it is always a treat to see him! This amazing water is now at all the Walmarts, Brookshires and hopefully Sam’s in the near future. You have got to try! You are in for a real treat!

Mike just bought me a new Bullet Pocket Hose… I love it, but what I really love is the directions on top of that hard plastic container that it comes in… When I first looked at this new hose sitting on my kitchen counter, I felt a big dread of knowing I was going to have to try and open the darn hard container. I got my big heavy scissors, a very large heavy knife and a drill, knowing I most likely would not be able to open and I did not want to wait for Mike to do it for me. I wanted it right that minute… Guess what? Directions on the top in big letters… “Easy to open package… just follow directions!” It is true!

Water, water, water your flowers, feed the birds and be kind to all!


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