Happy May! The Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo, beautiful weddings… the name May came from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite.

This is a good time to plant all our wonderful Annuals, Periwinkle, Impatiens, Caladiums, just dream on and play like you are an artist! One of my favorite things this spring was my Peggy Martin climbing Rose… truly magnificent! I had several people stop and ask me about this amazing rose and I was delighted to be able to share as there were dozens of this rose coming up all around. I could open up a small nursery!

Climate change, global warming, whatever is going on, Mother Nature is very upset about something… flooding of the river, over the past three years, the deadly EF3 Tornado that tore through Ruston. My grandmother would have blamed it on those dirty old Russians. Could it be that maybe this is just a cycle of this 4.5 billion-year-old world? Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbors in Ruston.

My daughter-in-law, JANELLE SNELLINGS, mother, JAYNE SMITH GREEN, sister, ROSLINE SMITH, and husband, STAN SMITH, better known as Uncle Stan, took his Grandson, GRANT MASHAW, son of BRANDI & MARK MASHAW with OPSO, and friends fishing…. What a catch — a 150-pound Alligator Gar from the flooded rivers of North Louisiana! If you want to see big snakes and alligators, just boat out to our river house that was built for flooding every 100 years… This beautiful river house is 30 feet tall… the first 10 feet are for flooding( the river is 5 feet under, now) and the next 20 feet are for living space…They say if it gets up to the next 10 feet, the water would be over the levee… Oh dear!

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can.” What a delightful morning I had visiting with DR C. RUSS GREER and learning of the wonderful memorial to honor DR. GUTHRIE JARRELL, born in Oak Grove and raised in Epps. Poverty Point was the place of many of his boyhood memories, riding bicycles from Epps to Bayou Macon roaming the grounds, hunting arrowheads, swimming, playing, Louisiana Tech, the love of his life, loving /caring Doctor that he was. He supported the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum and helped get his beloved Poverty Point named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dr. Greer & TANA TRICHEL have worked very hard along with JOHNNY REEVES and many others to finalize the memorial that will feature a full size statue of Jarrell with the surrounding area covered in engraved bricks in a beautiful site in the Oak Grove Plaza. It is not too late, but hurry, to get your personalized brick at this memorial … Go to www.nelea.us or call Tana at (318)348-0826.

Not any time soon, but I hope Oak Grove has saved a very special place for their beloved son DR CARLTON RUSS GREER …. devoted to his hometown, North Louisiana, his family, wife, YVETTE, son GREG, daughters ALTA & VICTORIA. What a treat for me to have such a wonderful visit with such an outstanding man! Dr. Greer worked with General Motors, as a USAF research flight surgeon, NASA and has written the “AIR BAG STORY: Personal reflections.” A must read… you will enjoy! Dr. Greer has a very special gift, the gift of really truly listening to someone… Just a good man! I will put him up there with MIKE CAGE, GEORGE SNELLINGS JR., HERSHELL ABBOTT, CARRICK INABNETT, JIM BERSHEN, JAMES DAVISON, BOB CUDD and the late DR. WARREN BLAKEMAN.

One of the most beautiful weddings and I am here to tell you they did not miss one stone. Truly lovely! The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony — INDIA LEIGH PATRICK & JOHNATHAN ORY BOUDREAUX at St. Matthew Catholic Church. The heavens cleared out all the dark clouds and scattered rain and showered this beautiful part of this old world with a star studded evening, a golden moon and a gentle cool breeze. It was magical! The reception was held at the home of the bride on River Oaks Drive …with graceful gardens meandering to a sparkling Bayou DeSiard. Beautiful flowers, fabulous food and beautiful guests with all smiles!

What a great country we live in! God Bless America, land of the free. After close encounters with North Korea. What a grand blessing to live in a free country! A free will, freedom of choice and free to do wonderful things like going to Squire Creek for an Origin annual meeting of stockholders. This was my third encounter with stockholders meetings. Years ago, Delta Airlines, here in Monroe when Ron Allen was the good looking president. Several years ago, Century Link and Glen Post (this year Drake Mills) and Origin Bank. I got to meet the President of Grambling, RICK GALLOT. What a nice man! I got to sit by JAMES DAVISON and meet his grandson, JAMES DAVISON III … Next time I have a wonderful, exciting story of James III and his escapades paddling the entire Mississippi River and an upcoming venture of taking on Bayou Macon to Poverty Point after the Mississippi River. I bet it was a piece of cake…

What a treat to be invited to have lunch with JUDGE MILTON MOORE & the Monroe Rotary Club at our beloved, restored GARDENS OF GEORGIA TUCKER. Truly beautiful!! Thank you KELLY & PAUL CORBURN and his team… I have a new best friend that is living at George Tucker: Hilton Lytle. I was so taken with him, I wanted Mike Cage to meet him. What a perfect Sunday morning, after church, visit we had with Hill Lytle... 97-years-old, an amazing mind of wonderful stories and amazing stories of World War II. Mr. Lytle, a man of many talents, wrote a paper on Perceptual Difficulties, very interesting. I will give you a report one day! God is Good! God is Great!

Potpourri Book Club met at the warm inviting home of Lillian Gentry, along with hostesses SHARON HENRY, CAROLE KILPATRICK & LINDA REEVES. Perfection! MARTHA WOODS reviewed “The Portland Vase.” Martha has such a talent, she can make the dullest book very exciting and it is just fun listening to her and you feel her excitement! Afterwards delicious, delectable treats were served — Tea Sandwiches of cucumber and black olive, Artichoke Parmesan, the best Rum Cake. I was dying for the Artichoke Parmesan recipe and a little worried they may not share. Just playing with me, she said it was a secret recipe and could not be shared! But maybe look on page 11 of my first cookbook! No one does it better than LILLIAN GENTRY!

Be kind to all & I look forward to the next!


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