All Saints Day, The Day of the Dead … Souls of children return to the world of the living on November 1, followed by adult spirits on Dia de los Muertos. November 1.

“Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don’t care if I ever get back…but we will root, root, root for the home team.. if they don’t win it is a shame.. for it is one, two, three strikes you’re out, at the old ball game…” How about them Sox and go, Saints, go!

A time to live a time to die. Celebrating and remembering TEX RICKARD KILPATRICK. One of the most beautiful services ever! “Holy Spirit you are welcome Here,” sung by Ann Fenn in the most wonderful First Baptist Church of West Monroe, First West. Dr. Mark Fenn, the Obituary; Eulogy by Bishop Mark Foster; “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” sung by Kristen Oden, Message by Pastor Michael Wood; and remembrances and closing prayer, Dr. Davis Uth. Committal was at Kilpatrick’s Serenity Gardens where Harry Liner played “Taps” on his Duck Call. The whole morning was truly amazing and spiritual. You felt the presence of the Lord. Following the Committal there was a reception at his home in River Oaks on the banks of a perfect early fall looking Bayou Desiard. It seemed, at random times, during the reception, centering the back of the gardens, 12 or so Mallard Ducks swam in a perfect circle and one by one would lead the group in a single line and form another circle. A very moving salute to a great man who did it his way! With the love of Christ and happy memories, there is a perfect peace.

Maybe 15 years ago, on the way home from work, Tex stopped by our house for a visit and a proposition. Let the games begin! Knowing how much I love my gardening and a pretty yard, Tex asked me to design a garden, behind the Life Insurance property, about two or three acres … anything I could dream of, any design, all I would have to do is point and direct and enjoy the bounty of the land. On the back on a piece of cardboard with colored pencils in hand: trellises for climbing plants, Moon vines for evening, big blue Morning Glories for the day, Pecan trees, fruit trees, Muscadine, Scuppernong Vines, Fig Trees, Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum, Persimmon, all organized to precision of height and blooming season, rows of Tomatoes, Okra, eggplant, squash, onions, pumpkins… Fall would roll around onto fresh Mustard greens and white turnips. If something did not produce or perform as it should … rearrange the sprinkler system, call in LSU, analyze the soil, bring in mulch, fertilizer, spray, pray. I felt like Capability Brown … Kew Gardens, Gardens of Versailles, Butchart Garden. If I could dream it, it was done, almost like magic… Several days ago Mike and I went to the garden and had a good visit with Nathan, Tex’s main man, side kick with gardening, hunting, fishing. We all agreed, the garden had never looked this pretty.


What an exciting Saturday! Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ryan Sartor III request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter DIANE ELIZABETH to DR. ALEXANDRE PIERRE RAYMOND at St. Paul’s. Our church looked perfect, the flowers were quiet elegance. MARGARET ANN ZENTNER, soloist, performed Ava Maria and Panis Angelicus. It was amazing. It is hard to believe this beautiful young woman has a voice like that. She will be fun to follow in the years to come. After the perfect blessing, a reception was held at the Island Drive home of SUE & DR. WALTER SARTOR. The evening was magical. Phillips Bayou was a reflection of the heavenly stars from above and there was a soft fall, breezy, perfect kind of evening in the air. The gardens and home were a masterpiece of white flowers and greenery with soft candlelight. Truly beautiful! The guests were served under beautiful tents with soft lighting to perfection. The orchestra was elegant and could they play, to just good dancing and fun. Truly a beautiful southern wedding. All guests were full of smiles and good wishes.


On to the next happening TIGERS, TODDIES & TAILGATES, hosted by LEIGH & STACEY GOFF and NANCY KING…Walking into the Goff home on Park Avenue is always a treat. Their home was in House Beautiful and you know why when you walk in. Not only is it elegant, it has a feeling of home: welcome, happy to see you and come enjoy! All was fine, Mike, Satchie and I had just left the Sartor wedding and were a little over dressed for this Neville fundraiser with Southern Beverages, Flying Tiger Brewery and CORY BAHR’S Heritage catering. PARISH RESTAURANT. Guests and Neville Tigers were enjoying the evening with good food, smiles, big screen TVs and ballgames to watch. I was sitting down, next to Mike, on a big squishy, soft bought in Toronto last week and my new 4-inch Jimmy Choo shoes with tall gold heels and I was wearing big gold earrings…you get the picture! Next thing I know, I am on the floor, rolled over, all I could see were those gold heals. Yes, I did have my Control Top, Sheer Toe, Silk Reflection panty on! Thank you Satchie, Kathy Hart, Mike Stephens, Jennifer Parker, Stacey Goff for getting me back together, in a pretty chair with a back and arms. I promise I had had only one beer!


MASUR MUSEUM… RAKU POTTERY meets BBQ in this hot new workshop and event, hosted by the Museum from 3-7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10. It is going to be so much fun. I just can’t wait! For more information, go to

Mike just called me from St. Francis and told me JEAN HAMILTON had died. Jean was 88. What a darling, fun friend, mother, wife Jean was. She left a wonderful legacy and it was an honor to have known her.

When you see JOHN BIRDSONG, be sure and thank him for helping with our beloved Oleanders on Riverside. They look so pretty!

THE GARDENS OF GEORGIA TUCKER. Thank you Lord for guiding the team that have saved this wonderful/ beautiful piece of history here in North Louisiana. Soon there will be a thrilling open house honoring all old GEORGIA TUCKER TERRORS. Please let the old school know what year you were there and any special stories. It is going to be a time to celebrate with this grand old Lady! CALLING ALL G.T. TERRORS!!!

Last week, Louisiana Tech was having a reunion … Four old Georgia Tucker classmates of mine flew in for the event. Sharon & Tommy Scott had us over for a delicious Gumbo supper at their beautiful home on the Bayou. Gilbert was head of the Dow Jones in New York, Manco, was head of Williamett, Steve Parker was president of several very large banks, Tommy, Scott Power Line and I married Mike Cage … not bad for old G.T. Terrors!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… LYNNA CAPLES. Three of my favorites, PATCHEZ FOX, LISA NELSON & LYNNA. Enjoying a lovely fall birthday lunch at our new, outstanding, FRANKS!

Be kind to all, feed the fish, stir the compost pile and recycle, it is so much fun and makes you feel even better! Looking forward to the next time.


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