What happened to Thanksgiving? Christmas is everywhere! Easing on from September, I like to start gently putting summer to bed and easing on into fall and Halloween with lots of pumpkins, gourds, cushaws, mums and such . Then I enjoy meandering on to Thanksgiving, enjoying early fall foliage, the reflection of the autumn colors of the Cypress Trees in and around our bayous and lakes, cool evenings, rain, thunder, lightning, football and gathering aged oak for the old fireplace — curled up early evenings with a good book and a sip of this here Bourbon. Let’s not forget also with a big pot of Fresh Mustard Greens, turnips, Beauregard Sweet Potatoes, a big round of Hot Cornbread in the old Black Iron Skillet and what about a good fat pork roast. That is Fall to me! We will look forward to Christmas in December!

How many of you remember “Hee Haw” and Junior Sample? He was in his school room… his math teacher, at blackboard — probably Mr. Rogers at Neville — chalk in hand, had written out and was explaining “πr2 (Pi, R squared).” Junior said, “No teacher, Pie are round, cornbread are square!” Pass the butter!

I loved Marc Thiessen’s article in the Sunday paper… “Brett Kavanaugh must have been smiling as the returns came in on election day, because it is now clear that the Democrats campaign to destroy him will go down as a massive blunder. The lesson for Democrats should be clear: Character assassination does not pay, quite the opposite, it backfired, big time!” It was a great article.

December 8, 1942, my birthday. Go figure, over all these years, I have received lots of wonderful gifts. I can’t remember when I have been more thrilled. JEAN SHAW called and said she had something that SHERMAN wanted me to have. She was around the corner and would be there in a minute. She walked in with a big old brown paper sack, and at first I was not sure what she was showing me. Is it a shell or is it a big rock, what in this world could it be? The Shaws have a big land holding in Missouri for hunting and farming and one of their neighbors up that a way is a devotee of mushrooms and whose hobby is hunting the wild and edible kind. They sent them a very large, fresh Maitake or Hen of the Woods Mushroom. It was so pretty I wanted to mount it. Then I wish I could have had two, have a big party, cook one and have one for the center piece... it would have been a spectacular presentation! I was so excited, I had never seen one that big, beautiful and fresh. It was as delicious as it was pretty! I will share the recipe one day.

Jean said last year, they were in Missouri and Sherman was Turkey hunting. She was just walking in the beautiful fall woods ran across a group of people. They started visiting and as soon as Jean opened her mouth, with that southern accent, they knew she was not from around there. She told them they were up there to hunt and they asked her if they were hunting deer, turkey or mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is a big deal up that way. There are two things on my bucket list: I want to do an Iditarod Sled Dog Ride in Bear Creek, Alaska, and I want to hunt Truffles in France with Truffle hogs or a really good trained dog. Mike and I were in Burgundy, France, several years ago. We were going to a wonderful Saturday market and we met this man and his Truffle hunting Springer Spaniel. He offered to take us the next morning but we were leaving that afternoon. Dog gone it ... that would have been so much fun! Maybe I will get to hunt Mushrooms in Missouri. You never know!

What a treat…. You’re Invited … JANE & CHARLES RAND want you to join them at the Lotus Club for Sunday lunch and after on to their fabulous new museum, in West Monroe, home to Charles’ Vintage Vehicles. Friends and family from Texas, Mississippi, Ohio and close friends from here were in for a real treat. It is amazing and amazingly put together with knowledge and love, This should be in Southern Living and definitely a featured article in Bayou Life, the cover for sure! It is really hard to believe we have something like that in North Louisiana. We were very honored to be included and lunch at the Lotus Club was delicious. Thank you JIM LOCKHART!!

Happy Birthday to you, everyone’s favorite LAMAR BUFFINGTON. Lamar’s girls, Helen, Mary Winston and Leigh along with family, planned the perfect party ... an LSU Tailgate-do at his lovely home on Pargoud Boulevard. All the great food, all Lamar’s favorite friends… A good time was had by all!

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. ROSEMARY LUFFEY passed away this last week. What a special mother, lady and friend... always so sweet and fun! She will be missed.

Go Neville Tigers! If you have not been to a Neville Assembly on Friday, you have missed a spectacular Broadway show! Go Tigers!

Be kind to all and enjoy this pretty fall and Thanksgiving ... and try and ease on into Christmas…

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