October, the tenth month of the year and in the northern hemisphere that often means the days are flushed with falling leaves, chilling weather, and growing anticipation for the holiday season. Looking forward to days filled with pumpkin spices and nights full of haunting stories! Happy fall to DARBY & BILL REED, JANE SARTOR…with the cool weather, I am going to miss my favorite swimming partner, next to Mike, we will take up our swimming routine April 2021…God’s will! JANICE & J.B. LANDRY, LUCIA (LU) JONES, thank you, thank you for the darling book about dogs in heaven! I believe every word. Happy birthday, OLIVE SARTOR, VIVIAN MUCKLEROY, best Cheese Straws, cucumber sandwiches and prettiest violet eyes around… DR.SUE NAWAS, ALPHA SPENCE, BARBARA CATTAR, PAT ANDERSON, MIKE LOHAN, DEBBIE & GERRY CLICK, CLAUDIA & JIMMY WOODS… loved the wonderful thank you note! Jimmy was one of the first covid 19 cases in this area and is on the victory road to recovery now. Isaiah: “But those who hope on the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings of eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ANN & JOE LEDOUX, I love the Rangpur Lime Syrup — perfect for my Old Fashion! Always fun seeing LAVERNE BODRON, ALISE & MAC OLIVER and CINDY ROGERS. Happy Fall to all!

So excited, JOHNETTE MINTZ, president of the Monroe Garden Club, invited me to the new community project called MONROE HISTORIC CORRIDOR PROJECT. The scope of this happening begins at the awful looking Oleanders along Riverside, and extends along the River ending at Masur Museum. This will be interesting as most all are out of control unless lots of time and tons of money are spent. Our beautiful Ouachita River does not deserve what has happened on the other side of the levee. Maybe there is hope; we sure have the money to make a big improvement. Years ago I was asked to be on a community project to beautify Louisville Avenue from the bridge to a little past the Mohawk.

Someone very smart said don’t even try, that can never be helped, it is just ugly and will always be ugly. I will say this, Car Town has built a really good looking structure and it is always immaculately clean and organized to the tens. I also love Dhaliwal new supper center, moseying on down the avenue, there is a good looking washateria: Wash, Dry, Fold & Iron”, one of my favorite places to take my ironing. Enoch’s Pub & Grill is always fresh and inviting and good. There is lots of work to do… Mike Cage said please do not get involved this time!


The Potpourri Book Club… “As You Like It” 2020 -2021 … Very Careful, Very Safe, Very Gentle… Mask is a must. Please try and wear a cute one! There will be a special prize for the best! Just kidding!!! Potpourri ladies gathered Monday, Sept. 28, at the big beautiful spacious home of SUE NAWAS. Martha Woods, as in Mrs. Harold Woods, reviewed “Hometown Appetites,” the story of Clementine Paddleford… Attendees received a personalized tea type basket, packed with teatime finger foods. We had 22 attend, all following the rules and Martha Woods gave an outstanding review! It was special to see so many old friends… One day at a time. God is good, God is great!!!


For all you Backgammon players/fans: GEORGE WILCOX SNELLINGS (yes, he belongs to us), for the first time, has accepted the invitation to compete on the USA team for the world Online Backgammon Championship. About 30 players were invited. Eleven countries participate. Strong among them are the USA, Japan, Denmark and Israel. The USA won last year and was second the prior year. Wilcox is perceived as narrowly the best player in the USA now. They square off against one team each week and can play their match any time as worked out with the opponent. Wilcox and his family were in Monte Carlo last year for a world Backgammon tournament and were in the top winning groups. I will keep you posted on this exciting happening!


“American Sports are Letting Down America”… Jason Whitlock… “Nearly 30 years ago in a 1993 Nike Commercial, professional basketball legend, Charles Barkley fired the first shot at the “roll model” concept in the aftermath of the 1960s counterculture movement. “I’m not a role model. I’m paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.” Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter movement have become the Gettysburg of what some have called our “Cold Civil War”. If China and the Left complete the radicalization of sports, our nation may never recover. Read more in Imprimis, A Publication of Hillsdale College… very interesting! Mike Cage will not watch most professional sports … it is strange but we are watching a lot of golf!

A young columnist, Anthony Jones, wrote in his column last week, “My generation is being raised to hate America.” In a Gallup poll only 63% of U.S. adults say they are proud to be American — the lowest level of patriotism ever… So sad! Earl Pitts… “Wake up America!”

The Monroe Symphony League’s October 2020 Book Sale has been cancelled because of Covid-19… Be safe and keep reading!!

Be kind to all and I look forward to the next time!


P.S. Remember the little dark blue parakeet I found in my yard last Easter? I tried to give him away several times with no takers. We have bonded and really enjoy our little “Pretty Boy” as he sings, whistles, does little tricks and is so excited when we walk in the room. I bought him a really wonderful bird cage with all the fun safe things for him to enjoy.… Early this morning, I was up working on this column and there was a strange noise coming from the kitchen. The sound was in the bird cage. Pretty Boy was high on his highest perch being very still. There was a very large mouse with a long old ugly tail desperately trying to get out! How in the hell did he get in and why in the hell can’t he get out? I screamed! Mike came running. We got the BB Gun, but we were afraid we would hit the bird. With very large heavy working gloves Mike was trying to catch the mouse, so he could wring his neck. That mouse was very fast. I grabbed my phone and started videoing this happening…. All of a sudden the nasty little mouse jumps out and runs across the room… I should put this on YouTube .... it would be a big hit! Time to put out Tomcat Rat & mouse killer!

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