Good morning to David Moses, Eddie Hakim, Margaret Ann King, Patton Brown, and Jay Garrett. Happy anniversary to The Cunninghams, Karen & Mike Mulhearn, Missey & Randy Parker.

Need a good read? I just finished “A Painted House” by John Grisham. Perfect for that late afternoon nap or your airplane rides. It was so good, you just love the way he writes. What a talent, to make your reader feel the joy, pain, happiness, fear and my favorite, laughing, Grisham certainly has that! Mike just finished Thomas Friedman, “Thank You for Being Late” and really enjoyed. He did not say the book was over my head; he just said he did not think I would enjoy. I just started “Victoria” by Daisy Goodwin, and I am going to love it. Mike is reading “George Washington — The Wonder Of The Age” by John Rhodehamel. You just have to have a good book — it can be your best friend. If for some reason you cannot read, there are wonderful books on tape at the library. Happy reading! I remember long time ago, my nephew, CARRICK B. INABNETT, had a very sick friend who was unable to read. One can only imagine the long, lonely days. Carrick choose a wonderful book and every day, maybe 4 in the afternoon, he would go and read to this friend for about 45 minutes.


This summer, we were real home bodies. It was not too bad, in fact, we really enjoyed. It was a lazy summer in the deep south. Fall, October, get ready. Mike had a continuing education meeting in Savannah. This beautiful old southern city was a first for both of us. There is so much history. We stayed at the Hyatt and with an upgrade we had rooms on the third floor overlooking the beautiful Savannah River. It was like being on a wonderful cruise ship, top rooms with a balcony, and water everywhere. We have never seen as many big huge tankers that close loaded with containers from all over the world. They say this port is second largest, next to New York on the eastern seaboard. The lovely old live oak trees, historical squares, we noticed, asking for directions, that the local give directions not by streets but by the squares. This old part of downtown Savannah reminded us of the Garden District in New Orleans. It was just a lot more gentle with beautiful old homes and the home of the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The food was good but not as good as in New Orleans.

Getting up early Sunday morning we went to the early service at Episcopal Christ Church on Johnson Square. John and Charles Wesley preached there. Home Sunday afternoon, repack and early Wednesday off to Louisville, Ky., to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distillery Tours and Tastings. Remember, I bought this package at an auction benefiting the Cancer Association. The package included airfare from Jackson, Distillery Tours and tastings at Stitzel-Weller, Makers Mark, Jim Beam, plus lunch, a private chauffeur, and three nights stay. It was more than we dreamed of, and absolutely perfect. Bourbon for breakfast, Bourbon for lunch, Whiskey, Mint Juleps and all the information and stories one can imagine. I think with the right equipment we could make our own whiskey.

One fun story, remember the old saying, “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda?” Maybe 22 years ago I was still cooking at KNOE. Jim Noe called me from New Orleans and said his cousin Booker Noe was coming down from Bardstown, Ky.,=, with his entourage, wife and her best friend, on a statewide tour of several states to promote his new single malt bourbon, BOOKERS’S. He asked if I would have him on my early morning cooking segment. Absolutely! I offered to also have all over for breakfast after the show and interviews. First thing I did was call GARFIELD WASHINGTON, General George Trousdale’s aide de camp, to come and help greet and serve. Then I called Sherman Shaw for 18 wild shot fresh quail and Tex Kilpatrick for a Wild Turkey Beast. Let the games begin! That Tuesday morning 8 a.m. up pulls the biggest, longest black limousine I have ever seen. I had my table set with all my finest for 14. Booker had eight in his party counting wife Annie and her friend Marilyn KURTZ Dick. I invited Mayor Bob Powell and Nell along with Jimmy Noe. I had hot strong coffee, fresh orange juice, fried wild turkey breast, smothered quail with gravy, grilled fresh tomatoes, grits, hot fruit, little Marshall biscuits and Mayhaw Jelly. All pretty and good! Booker sent his driver out to fetch a bottle of his new Single Malt “Bookers” for all to taste — 126 proof. Whee! Mike said that was the first time he ever had straight whiskey for breakfast. All had a grand old time! We were graciously invited to please come to Bardstown and let them entertain us. We should have. On the way to Jim Beam Distillery, I was telling our driver this story. She changed our lunch reservations to Kurtz, one of the most popular restaurants in Kentucky. Marilyn’s mother was best friends with Col. Harland Sanders and some say Kentucky Fried Chicken is really her recipe. We walk into Kurt’s. Marilyn is maybe 92. She looks at me, I look at her and she said, “first time I ever had Wild Turkey.” Why in the world did we not go and visit so many years ago?

I have taken up way to much of your time. Be kind to all and I look forward to the next time!

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