Every September, I always look forward to Spider Lilies, cool weather on the way, and Fairy Rings of Mushrooms. Some say these circle of fungi are said to bring luck. Fairy Rings are naturally occurring circles of mushrooms spread out underground a network of fine tubular threads.

I have observed, over the years that they appear where a big old tree used to call home. I always feel very lucky when a ring appears in my yard. I was so excited a couple of years ago, the most perfect, most beautiful ring sprang up overnight, it seemed. I took pictures, had plans to have the grandchildren over for stories, viewing this magical happening and an early supper.

Before I had time to tell Mike, he comes home from work, jumps on his John Deere and mows them down. He comes in later and said you should have seen all the mushrooms, they were in perfect circles! Yes, I could have killed him but my yard was beautiful and perfectly mowed.

I looked out the window the next morning and behold, there was a very big circle of mushrooms on the grounds of my apartments, whee! A blessing, I would get to enjoy a magic Fairy Ring after all. Later in the day, I look out and lo, my mushrooms were gone. Mike gets home late afternoon.

Someone is running up to our house, screaming, crying, banging on the door. One of my tenant’s sister said she came to check on her sister and found her on the floor violently ill. She was afraid to call 911 as she had no insurance and did not think she would even make it to the hospital in time. Mike runs over, checks out the situation and was told this young lady had gathered up a big basket of mushrooms, sauteed them in butter with garlic and fresh parsley and made a big omelette for lunch. Mike took care of her and told her never to do that again, it could have killed her. I will not tell you her name but she should have known better, her grandfather was Justin Wilson! They do look good enough to eat though!


I was honored and thrilled, my beautiful granddaughter, VIRGINIA DESHOTEL, a junior at Neville, varsity cheerleader, smart, fun and Vice President of Lambda Sigma Chi ask me to speak at the September meeting on any subject I wanted so I chose The Golden Rule. Need I say more? What a great group of young people. They sure made me feel welcomed and pleased that I was there. A special treat was the meeting was held at President AVA DIXIN’S grandparents’ fabulous new home on Deborah Drive — SHELIA & DON DIXON. This brought back lots of happy memories as I was in Lambda many years ago. It was so much fun seeing so many children and grandchildren of so many old friends. Another treat: my granddaughter SALLIE JAYNE SNELLINGS is a Sophomore at Neville and a Lambda member.

I was gathering my wash and grabbed Mike’s white coat that looked a little dirty. As I was emptying pockets with badges, pens, a little black comb, prescription pads, notes and such and I ran across this:

The Gate is still open. Written July 16, 2018 by the Reverend Jay Lofton for Dr. Mike Cage.

I have a new Doctor in Monroe and I sure do like him! He gave me a good report the other day and that made me like him even more. In conversation he said that his church had a new young pastor and he seemed very excited about that. When Kathy and I left his office I remarked he had helped so many people that he would not be able to receive all his rewards in Heaven. Then he responded with these final words as I walked out, “I don’t care about the rewards … all I want is just to get inside the gate.”

Kathy and I laughed on the way home about his comment! But since then I have been thinking…the good doctor has a sensible and rational point! There is a gate to heaven and if I could use this work from John14:9 “Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh to the father but by me. “And in John 10:9 Jesus said, “I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” Friend, it just doesn’t get any better than that! If you are a Christian, please just know that “the gate is still open” and the invitation is for you and there is plenty of room on the inside.”

I asked Mike why he had not shared that with me. He said “I’m like that rat in a trap … I do not want any cheese in my mouth, I just want out of the trap…”


North Louisiana, you are in for a treat! FRANK’S on Tower is opening… Italian food and the real deal! Frank has two fabulous restaurants in Shreveport and is going to share his culinary skills in our neck of the woods… I have been to several events that Frank catered in Shreveport and they were outstanding. One was for a big deal with the Garden Study League. I could not believe the food and someone said he does this all the time and one event is better than the next. The Italian Cheese Burrata is the best I have ever had, Linguine Carbonara, is the real deal... As fine as the very fine Italian restaurants in London! The authentic brick oven with racks of fresh split wood set the tone for the very best wood burning Pizzas ever. This will be one of our favorite new places… All the best to Frank and his staff!


The Monroe Garden Annual Silver Tea was held this Sept. 11, 2018, from 4-6 p.m. at the lovely home of Brenda and Charles Marsala on Deborah Drive. Honoring the past presidents and celebrating “Our River’s Natural Beauty from the fields along the Boeuf to the bayous of the Ouachita.”


We are looking forward to a fun exciting year under the leadership of our fearless president and everyone’s favorite ALISE OLIVER! I have never seen so many in attendance for this happening… everyone turned out. Thank goodness for the golf carts to transport all these gals from car to door. I arrived around five and found a parking place right in front of the Marsala home. Leaving, a very nice young man offered to take me to my car… he was really cute, so I said sure, why not, but I am not sure where I parked. I had only had one small glass of wine. I said maybe on Bayside Circle, we drove and drove, maybe on Stowers, maybe East instead of West on Deborah, we drove and drove…

I asked what his name was, DEREK MARDIS and he flew for United Airline and was a friend of Mandy Marsala Pruitt. He said he flew for United Airlines and was just helping out. I asked if he knew Wyman Mardis, his father. I immediately knew who he was — he has his mother’s beautiful eyes. You should be proud! He was very kind to an old lady who lost her car.

I always look forward to the next time! Just remember… “He who hesitates is not only lost but miles and miles from the next exit!” Another story for another time….



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