Time to be born, time to die, a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to laugh and a time to cry. The cycle of life!

Time to say goodbye to the lovely wife, mother, friend and favorite of all that knew her …SHARON HUFF. She will be missed. Love and peace to her family, husband EARL, children, BILL, CHERYL, BRIAN & JULIE and their families.

JERRY WOLFF invited old, old friends of Suzanne to the Bayou DeSiard Country Club for the amazing Sunday Buffet to celebrate Suzanne’s 78th birthday. Mike and I enjoyed the lovely day with the Wolffs and SHEARON & SAM HENRY. Talk about fun old stories! Going back so far together, there were sad and happy memories, mostly happy and peaceful. As they say, with the love of Christ there is peace!

Let’s celebrate becoming an Octogenarian happening! Everyone’s favorite, Ruston’s fair haired son JAMES ELLIS DAVISON, born Sept. 21, 1937. An elegant celebration, planned by his family, was held to honor this family icon! What a story! Friends from far and wide gathered for this amazing celebration. The old saying… “From Soup to Nuts” … well, there was not one stone left unturned.

A beautiful breezy late afternoon, gorgeous sunset gently resting on the sloping green hills of Squire Creek Country Club in Choudrant, welcomed guests to a fantasy wonderland. Giant Ice sculptures and flowers from the gardens of heaven. Just let your mind run wild! The food was a banquet table set for the gods, on to a seated dinner of five courses, one better and more beautiful than the next. There were gift bags with special treasures: a scroll of 80 years ago, back in 1937 and all the great happenings; a wonderful brushed pewter mug, for hot or cold; monogrammed matches; and my favorite, that I will always carry, The Golden Rule Marble — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

There was excitement, happiness and joy on the faces of all the guests. I loved meeting MORGAN FREEMAN and reminded him that we have something in common, our favorite restaurant in London, Bar Boloud in the Mandarin Hotel at the end of Sloan Street. We were told that our favorite table was also Morgan Freeman’s favorite.

Seen having a grand time were CARTER MILLS, KEITH BABB, MARTHA & PAT ANDERSON, JOHNNY MAXWELL, TERRY BRADSHAW, KARL MALONE and many, many more. Happy memories last forever! James has that special gift that if you ever meet him, he will never forget your name. We feel blessed to call him our friend!


The Monroe Garden Club’s annual Silver Tea was held this month at the beautiful Riverside Home of FAITH & DR. DARYL MARX from four until six in the afternoon. The elegant home was wrapped in fabulous flowers; the tables were set with crystal, sterling silver; and the food was the prettiest I have ever seen and just as delicious. Gorgonzola Cheese Strada, Hot Asparagus Pastry Puffs and on and on. Perfect and perfect presentation was perfectly planned by our lovely president THERESE NAGEM. The new members were honored and donations to the Dorothy Breard Memorial Gardens were accepted. It was sort of drizzling that afternoon and the effect was mesmerizing. I was spellbound by it — I felt like I was in a Drysdale painting. Truly lovely! Beautiful ladies and a beautiful occasion! The new members: Rayne Adams, Roxana Barrow, Mary Bernard, Amy Brown, Dianne Brown, Debora Colvin, Charlotte Gnemi, Charvie Gordon, Mary Sue Jacka, Lynn Jacobs, Rosalyn Janway, Ann Lockhart, Susan Lowery, Ann McMickel, Lyndsey Miller, Charlotte Moore, Paige Oliver, Susan Neck, Beth Ricks, Lisa Riddle, Cindy Rogers, Carroll Swander, Laura Ulrich, Jessica Van Priest and Paula Walker.


We have really enjoyed all the fellowship and fun at all the ULM happenings. It is like going into Cheers, everyone knows your name and are really happy to see you… It is always an honor and good happening visiting with our President NICK BRUNO, SHARON WEST BROWN, makes one feel at home, BOBBY CRAIGHEAD, bigger than life, THAD RYAN, NATHAN RYAN, CAROLE & TEX KILPATRICK, KEITH BABB. Always good sport, good food, fun libations and good fellowship at ULM. Go WARHAWKS! See you on campus!


Do not forget the Monroe Symphony Book Fair, coming up the first of October!

Mark your calendars.. The Talk of the Town…. TWIN CITY BALLET. October 28th. Good happenings in our very own Twin Cities!

Let us be grateful to people that make us happy!

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