“Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!” The late Irene Cole taught us that scripture and it keeps reminding us to be glad!  May we enjoy our work before us today, approaching it as if God is the only One for whom we are working.  This way, our work brings us joy and we don’t feel like we are working at all!

So many Monroyans are making significant and meaningful contributions where they now live.  Lee Jenkins, Executive Manager of Performance Contractors in Baton Rouge,  has just been selected for the highly touted Leadership Award from the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce for his “extraordinary leadership and exemplary service” in economic development and  an award for his role as Chamber Chairman in Baton Rouge.

Congrats to Leslie Files Jenkins, Annwood,  Darryl Jenkins and Betsy Files.  

The Annual Ruple-Brown Scholarship Golf Tournament is being held Friday, June 1, at Calvert Crossing Golf and  Country Club. The event has sent 22 Neville scholars to college. Please call Pat Anderson, 318-348-6173, for more information, and help make a difference in the lives of our youth!

The Potpourri Book Club is having its Spring meeting in the home of Linda Reeves on Monday, March 23.  “Issac’s Storm — A Man, A Time, and the Deadliest Storm in History” will be reviewed by Martha Hayden Woods about the  hurricane in Galveston!

Don’t forget to call Melissa Saye, 348-7805, at the Children’s Museum to reserve a ticket to support our quest for the best museum for our children. The luncheon is Saturday, April 28, with the featured speaker, Niven Morgan, fragrance icon from Shreveport! He will have products we want to have in our home.  Tickets are almost gone so join the fun!

We just had a fabulous weekend in Nola with the Stacee and Taylor Reeves wedding with the finest white flowers and food at  the Roosevelt Reception, rehearsal dinner at  Galatoires and bridesmaids’ luncheon at Coquette’s on Magazine was simply magnificent with food being extra top shelf. The service was impeccable! We were at our table and the waiters served us sumptuous food from the buffet. The groom’s cake featured Popeye’s for his love of their chicken. The beautiful white rolled iced wedding cake was magnificent. The band was top drawer!  Just another wonderful wedding for Monroyans!

The Revelries Band has so many family connections we can’t name them all but their first single came out this week, “Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes!” We like it! Please try it on iTunes or Facebook! Many thanks to all extended family who have helped with good genes, hard work, and letting Beau Bailey, vocalist, John Lewis, drummer practice, and Mitchell Webb at their homes ... all the Dr. Mike Bailey family and friends, and Pat Grammar Bailey, Diane Graham — all the Mike and Robin Webb family, all the Ainsley Upshaw Lewis and Jason Lewis family, all the Judge Wendell and Ashley Manning family, the Walker, Paul and Karen Stinson family and and Daniel Ellender family! The boys have had a “carpe’ diem blast!”

Stay strong in the Lord! Put on the whole armor of God and may peace that is beyond our understanding be with you.

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