Hundreds of excited ULM fans, faculty, alums, students, and staff gathered in Brown Auditorium to view the Great Reveal...the newly designed logo/brand for ULM.

The very talented Lisa Frey Miller, Chief Communications Officer at the university, and her staff of eight worked diligently researching past presidents, history, and former logos to design this great new symbol of academic excellence for ULM! President Bruno challenged Lisa’s group to produce a concise and consistent message of pride which reflects our feelings and attitude toward our university, ULM, and the thousands of students who have successfully walked these halls to share their skills in NELA and beyond!

With every president and name change we have moved forward in strength and statue. From 416 students in 1931, in the depression era, to 9200 today, and an elite 3-Carnegie designation, ULM has an outstanding reputation as an academic university with a 94 percent pass rate in 11 health science programs. Our pharmacy graduates have a 100 percent job placement rate with an average starting salary in the $120,000 range. 75 percent of our NELA teaching force had training at ULM! With our Fortune 500 company, Century Link, the demand for accounting, business, ofinance, and computer majors is highly needed as Century Link and other businesses provide opportunities and new resources for our students through internships and jobs!

So this vision of our great university reflects the axiom that truly “The Best Is On the Bayou,” yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Kudos to President Nick Bruno, Lisa Miller, and Dr. Julia Barnhill Letlow for reminding us of the treasure we have among us and the pride we should have in the academic excellence on the bayou!

Excitement at LSU as competition is close between Danny Etling, senior quarterback and Nola’s Myles Brennan, a freshman who has a cannon for an arm and yes the Brennan Our Lord did not come to judge us but to save us. Let’s ask, seek, and knock at His door for forgiveness and grace.

An exciting happening is at Neville High where coaching legend, Mickey McCarty, has hired our own former outstanding quarterback, Taylor Burch, LA Tech grandson of fine folks, Kay and Billy Birch to be the new offensive coordinator for the Tigers! Former offensive line great, Matt Dickerson, coaches the offensive line. Congrats!!!

Good news from the Jerry Wolff’s is that the 12 year old Shreveport team of 10 golfers and their grandson, Brown Snyder, won every match from the Baton Rouge team at Indian Head Golf Resort at Ocean Springs, Miss.

Thus the young golfers will be headed to the next round! Stay tuned!

We must never forget the promise of the Christ:

“Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst.”

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