Sharing with all today an adapted scripture with which we are all familiar from the book, Messenger, by Peterson, The Way of Love from 1 Corinthians 13...

So no matter what we say or do or believe, we are nothing without love:

Love never gives up, love cares more for others than for self, love does not want what it does not have, love does not become haughty, does not force itself on others, isn't about me first, does not fly off the handle, does not keep score, is not happy when friends suffer, trusts God always, looks for the best in others, does not look back at life, but keeps going to the end, tries to find good in all situations, and is grateful for God's blessings everyday. The Word of the Lord!

Fun to read about Ruston walk-on, John David Moore, at LSU! He was the difference in the first seven games as he blocked for Heisman hopeful, Leonard Fournette who calls him, “my light.” Moore made key blocks on some outstanding runs for Fournette. Moore went down in the game against South Carolina and LSU lost the next three games. Moore had knee surgery and is ready to play! Pat Anderson says most great teams have a blocking fullback! LSU has nine returning offensive players and eight defensive guys!

Hope all are enjoying the Rio Olympics! The story about the comeback from rehab of the 22-medal winner, Michael Phelps, is remarkable. His teammates voted for him to carry the Olympic Torch as the U.S. athletes entered the arena! He helped the team win the Freestyle 4x100-meter relay. Also impressive is our women’s gymnastic team and our women’s volleyball! It is exciting to watch on NBC!

Out of 1 1/2 million pro golf players, Jim Furyk, 46, shot a 58 which is the lowest score in a PGA event for an individual! Fantastic!

ULM's Ellie Jackson, smart and pretty daughter of Kelley and Tommy Jackson, is the featured model in this month's issue of Bayou Life!  She was selected to dress like Barbie! She is fantastic as she can morph into so many famous stars from Marilyn Monroe to Barbie.  View the centerfold starting on page 160 of the August issue! It  brings back the best memories!

Ellie is interested in medicine like her talented grandfather, the late  Dr. JT Jackson, who cared for so many of us. 

Father forgive us when our thoughts and actions do not honor you,

Martha Jane

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