Christmas 2016 has been fabulous but difficult to dress with 80 degree weather outside!

Pappy and I cruised to Baton Rouge after celebrating with the Ricky Guillots on Christmas Eve sharing Jackie’s great shrimp gumbo. We drove to Baton Rouge to celebrate the birth of the Christ child with Jason and Ainsley Lewis, Allison and Chuck Mead and other family members. Ainsley uses Dianne Cage’s recipe for sautéed lump crabmeat in butter with shallots and fresh parsley...99 percent crab! Our good friend, Norene Smith, gave us a fabulous assortment of homemade goodies including Adrienne’s delight, French cheeses, sand tarts, chocolate rounds cooked with toasted walnuts, and fruit cake squares. So the menu started with a huge success! The Gordon McKernan family sent our favorite champagne, Veuve Cliequot-Brut.

The Christmas Day menu included a hearty standing rib roast, Bess Burns’ Cornbread Dressing with sausage and oysters and Spinach Madeleine. Desserts were a choice of Allison’s fresh apple pie with crunchy and flaky crisscrossed pastry or Chocolate fudge coffee and mud pie. What a great day!

Much excitement is surrounding the coming New Year’s Eve wedding of our only granddaughter, Ainsley Scott Anderson and Dr. Vincent Herlevic! Our toast to the couple:

Be strong in the Lord; put on the whole armor of God. From Philippians 4:8...


“Whatever is true, honest, pure, just, lovely and of good report, think on these things and the peace of God will be with you...”

Friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of good friend, Dianne Walters, at the Christmas clad home of Michele and Robert Brown!

Every inch of the home reflected Christmas lights and treasures. The menu was superb beginning with Frozen Peach Belinnis, Sausage and Brie Strata, Pepper Cheese Grits from Cotton Country, Orange Soufflé with brandied fruit, and hot Neiman Marcus Popovers with strawberry butter. Dessert was homemade Coconut pie with chocolate chip meringues as extras! Now how special was that? Michele left no stone unturned for an elegant birthday brunch.

The Neville Nation is saddened to report the death of Mary Lee Ruple at age 99. She was the lady behind the legendary coach who lived and raised her family in the famous Bill Ruple stadium.

Neville has earned a spot in the National Quiz Bowl Championship and will be headed to Chicago in May for the finals. The team includes some names you will recognize: Ralph Brockman, Lucy Sartor, Maisy Liles, Laura Lynne Fincher and Darius Washington who scored 36 on the ACT.

Team members are selling cookbooks, Tiger Treats, to raise money for the trip! Please consider purchasing a copy that the team and sponsors authored with favorite recipes ... just $15 each.

Thanks to sponsors Karari Hanks and Katherine Dixon Sandifer.

First West lead pastor, Michael Wood, gave a moving message to a packed house on Christmas Eve in a candlelight communion service that moved us to our knees. The special scripture for the evening was Psalm 46:

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble ...”

Let’s begin the new year with Christ and his wisdom in our daily plans...He will see us through! It is His promise to believers.

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