What a great Thanksgiving, 2016, has been for all of us! We need to say thank you to those who made the event so special and memorable to us, Patsy and Sam Butler, formerly of Monroe and now Fort Worth. It was exciting as Pat got a 10 point deer and the friends and food were fabulous as we gathered at the home of Dr. Rick and Molly Granagan.

This is the time of the year that we rejoice in the gift of life from the Lord whom we all know as the Christ child. Many thanks for our family and close friends including the miraculous blessing of Howard Hobson's recovery at Touro! He is home with his prayerfully determined and optimistic wife, Linda, who researched the successful outcomes with disorders of the brain to get to the best place.

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin and Ashley Haynes as their adorable Neville and LSU daughter, Rachel, has been accepted to the Physicians' Assistant program at the highly touted Alabama Birmingham.

Let's strive to live a life of gratitude and especially to family and friends who go out of their way to make us happy. The Lord bless you, keep you close and know we thank you. Rosemary and Randy Ewing are especially appreciated for a great birthday surprise!

Neville has been named one of the few schools in La. as a place of "A" academic excellence, a designation by the State of Louisiana. Recently a 16 year old Neville student, Darrius Washington, made 36 on the ACT. Of 2,000,000 taking the exam this year, less than 1600 make a perfect score. Congratulations to Darrius and his family!

Neville's football team has won an historic 38 consecutive games under Coach Mickey McCarty and staff and will be headed to NOLA if they win Friday night at home in Bill Ruple stadium.

Our close young Houston friend, Catherine Butler, is earning the MBA degree from Rice University and has doubled her salary. The opportunities she is experiencing are simply phenomenal.

We believe in a living God who is always present at our side, just for the asking. God is moving on our behalf for we are his creation. He sometimes does not change the situation we are facing; however, it is His promise and His will to see us through the tough times.

Christmas 2016 blessings to all!

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