Great news for opera lovers in North Louisiana:

The Opera will open on Friday night, Feb. 24, at the Ouachita Parish Recital Hall on South Grand at 7 p.m. Tickets are $40. We don’t want to miss this fabulous musical happening with so many talented performers such as ULM’s Dr. Claire Evangelista. Pam and Bob Stratton are hosting the Patrons’ Party.

LSU beat Army in a double header Saturday, 9-0 and 6-0. This made 2,500 wins for this storied program. Jared Poche pitched the first Tiger no-hitter since 1979. Our own OCS’ Jake Slaughter gave a fabulous first base effort and hit a home run in a great performance! His mother, Mary Laura Slaughter, heads the area BibleSF and Jake is a true freshman on the LSU team! Of interest is the LSU infield is composed of shortstops. Jake is Mickey and Patti Slaughter’s grandson from Tech fame.

A bridge foursome returned from a splendid time in the comfortable and all so fine home of Anna Claire and Ed Seymour in the upscale River Ranch area of Lafayette. Daughter, Claire S. Ward, had lilies and white orchids awaiting our arrival plus the best of treats in Lafayette. Do try Nothing’s Bundt cakes from Champagne’s Market! We played bridge and have eaten our way through the best places such as: Ruffino’s, La. Crawfish Time, Prejeans, Pi Mon’s Thai and Cajun food to go from Herbert’s at Maurice ... all great!

Bridge was a plus with Cajun catered jambalaya and chicken pasta with cream sauce and a sensational salad with fresh fruit, cheese, and salted pecans on spinach with balsamic dressing for the players between rounds. Madeleine Walker, Dianne Walters, Anna Claire and I had a great time and earned a few points!

While there, we read a fabulous history of Ed Seymour’s family in which he is the seventh generation of attorneys, most of whom were graduates of Tulane Law. Highly interesting was the fact that Ed’s forefathers were educated in the law at the University of Belgium and came to the U.S. as a result of the political unrest there in the mid 1700’s. The Simon -Seymour family legacy is astounding and gave us girls goosebumps to see the photos and read the history!

Saturday night last, gourmet cooks with a Nola heritage, are Merle and Gre’ Brennan, whose recipes are “tops” on anyone’s list: Shrimp Bisque, Crab and Parmesan open face sandwiches, Beef tenderloin, kings cake with cream filling and homemade chocolate candy.

Many thanks to the Brennans and their lovely daughters, Bonnie and Zoe who hosted the King’s Cake Party!

Neville Girls’ and Boys Tennis won the coveted Bolton Cup, a team event on Saturday at ULM with young people, most of whom you know: Laura Lyne Fincher, Mary Katherine Breard, Margaret Ellis Goff, and Caroline Graham, Jennifer Barr’s daughter to name some on the team!

Dr. Padg Bolton just won second internationally in Men’s Senior Tennis and he along with a great tennis support group, continue to back the Neville coaching legacy of his late mom, Charlotte.

The Neville Boy’s tennis players were: Singles, Parker Ballinger and Aayan Rezan; Doubles, Malcolm Tosten and Gabe Lipe.

MCSB member and former soccer Coach Bill Willson’s young fifth-grade team at Grace Episcopal had all five of his players make the Top 20 Scholars at Neville this spring 2017! Congratulations to all the young men including: Michael Marchman, (Sally Marchman Calvert’s grand) Harrison Travis, Robert Williamson, Alex Williams, and Hawkins Boyer.

Pastor Michael Wood’s messages keep getting better!!! On leadership, he read 1 Peter: 5...

Let’s not be proud but serve and be kind to others not because we have to but because we want to and from the heart!

Sending God’s kind love to all because we resolve to be our best and treat others with kindness at all stages of life,

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