How exciting the Olympics have been in South Korea, just kids all over the world seeking their best and striving for excellence in their winter sport!  It makes us feel well about our world!

My friend, Dianne Walters, shared a poem from social media that brought tears to the eyes of four adults who want our grandchildren to have safety and success in American schools.  The Florida tragedy is unacceptable  anywhere but in America we must strive to change the school environment to prevent this kind of mass murder of children.

From Dianne...

“Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow  and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go. It followed her to school one day which was not even in the rules. He made the children laugh and play to see the lamb at school.

Then one day it became illegal to have the lamb of God at school or even speak His name.

Everyday became worse and worse and days turned into years.  We began to hear gun shots blast and children’s laughs turned to tears.  What can we do to to stop the crime that hurts our children’s minds?

Let’s let the lamb 

back in our schools and teach the children how to pray. “

Diane Lewis, our sweet friend and Spec’s widow, and our extended family, had a birthday on February 18, and decided to share with four bridge friends.  She arranged a trip to The Alluvian Hotel and Spa  in downtown Greenwood, Miss. Her present was to drive us there and treat us to everything from the best accommodations, to fresh squeezed ruby red orange juice, wine and great food and a great jewelry trinket or two!  If you’ve not been to Greenwood, the movie, “The Help” was filmed there and in Jackson.  Gretchen Hamel, Dianne Walters, our hostess, and I laughed until we cried from Wednesday through Saturday!  On the way home we stopped in Clarksdale to get barbecue, hot tamales, and pecan pie at Abe’s Famous hot spot!  If one loves magnificent black, rich, and rolling farmland, we toured the Delta, crossed the Yazoo, Miss. River and thought what a great place!  We had to check in with Dr. Kermit Walters for directions but this trip would be a good fit for so many. Most everything is in walking distance of the hotel that has outstanding German Pointer art!  Many thanks to Diane Lewis!

It thrills me when we get to see something as special as Loretta Rivers’ newly refurbished and outstandingly decorated home in La Louisiane that has an A. Hays Town style.  The late architect loved gardens and would have particularly been impressed with Loretta’s southern planting’s with all native bulbs, azaleas, ivy espalier across the garden. She used her favorite art and furniture including the late great Greg Jordan’s and made a front gallery into something so special.  Although she downsized from her Forsythe Avenue home, she did not downgrade; she has the home as near perfection as could be! Her antique collections are more beautifully displayed than ever and everything is in place! Loretta has always strived for excellence and her two daughters, Dawn Sarasin and Robin Daly came in from Switzerland and NYC to add their expertise. 

The mind of man directs his own path, but God can make our paths straight...

Proverbs 16: 9

Lean not on your own understanding and keep trusting Him...

Martha Jane

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